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Yucatán could be in “yellow” as early as Thursday

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Born in Mérida, Carlos Rosado van der Gracht is a Mexican/Canadian blogger, photographer and adventure expedition leader. He holds degrees in multimedia, philosophy and translation from universities in Mexico, Canada and Norway. Sign up for the Yucatán Roundup, a free newsletter, which delivers the week's top headlines every Monday.
Yucatán Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal speaks with reporters at the COVID-19 vaccination center at the old train station. Photo: Courtesy

Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal said that he expects Yucatán to move from orange to yellow on Mexico’s COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light system by Thursday.

The governor pointed out that if the state does indeed turn yellow, it will be because current hospitalization numbers are the lowest they have been since April 2020.

“Thursday will be when we have a decision. We will have to wait until we have official word, but things are looking positive,” said Vila Dosal. 

Although Vila Dosal did not confirm that small to mid-size social events and gatherings would return in late April, it is likely that this will indeed be the case. 

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It is also likely that businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and bars will be able to legally seat more patrons, and expand their opening hours. 

It is also hoped that moving down to yellow will bring an end to the statewide curfew which has been active for over a year. 

The curfew runs from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. and applies to anyone aboard motor vehicles, except for first responders and people going to and from hospitals. 

The official announcement regarding the status of Yucatán’s epidemiological traffic light system is expected at 1 p.m. Thursday, April 22.

Since April 3, 2020, approximately 3,500 people have officially died of COVID-19 in Yucatán. However, state authorities warn that the real number of COVID-19 deaths may be as much as three times higher.

Only eight Mexican states are green on Mexico’s latest epidemiological traffic light system, while 19 are on yellow, and five including Yucatán, are on orange. No state in the country sits at red.

COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light map. Graphic: Courtesy
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