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Yucatán exceeds 40,000 infections as COVID cases continue to rise

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A Mérida man gets his vaccination while capturing the moment with a selfie. Photo: Courtesy

Another 470 new coronavirus cases were detected since Friday, continuing daily totals in the triple digits.

The surge began roughly a week after Yucatán eased up on crowd capacity and road curfews under a so-called yellow traffic light.

Health authorities have counted 40,113 cases in Yucatán since the pandemic reached the state in March 2020. The real number is thought to be many times greater. Friday saw 150 cases, Saturday’s total was 170 while Sunday’s was 150.

Average fatalities, a lagging indicator, are essentially unchanged. Nineteen deaths were reported between Friday and Sunday.

But daily cases are, on average, more than twice what they were two weeks ago.

Recoveries remain around 87%; most fatalities involve complications such as diabetes and weight.

Mérida had the majority of new cases, 128, while Progreso and Ticul counted four. Three were in Kanasín while one each were in Celestún, Chocholá, Izamal, Kinchil, Oxkutzcab, Tixpéual, Valladolid and Yaxkukul. One patient was classified as being from either outside Yucatán or from another country.

The patients who died Sunday were between 30 and 82 years old. Four of the five were women. They were from Oxkutzcab, Ticul, Tixpéual, Mérida and Buctzotz, respectively. Accumulated fatalities have reached 4,225 people.

The number of patients in stable condition and recovering at home numbered 774, up 38 in one day. Public hospitalizations jumped by 22 to reach 156.

Vaccinations have continued throughout the state, town by town.

In Mérida, about 62,000 first doses of the coronavirus vaccine were given to people between 50 and 59. Adults here over 60 will get their second inoculations starting this week, making them fully vaccinated.

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