Yucatán Hacienda Has Starring Role in New Channing Tatum Thriller

Hacienda Temozón Sur is featured heavily in an upcoming Hollywood movie. Photo: Amazon MGM

Rumored sightings of Channing Tatum in Yucatán a year ago were apparently true. 

Photos of Tatum at the Mérida airport circulated online about a year ago. But many people on social media doubted that the man in the photo was really the Hollywood hunk. Now we know better.

In 2021, Tatum was spotted at the Campeche airport. Even with his facemask, fans recognized him — and posed with him for selfies.

Everyone’s having fun in “Blink Twice” until things turn dark. Photo: Amazon MGM

The Hollywood actor stars in the upcoming thriller “Blink Twice,” but if the movie trailer is any indication, the resort hotel Hacienda Temozón Sur is his co-star. The hacienda is one of Yucatán’s more high-profile boutique properties, but the film’s setting is a fictional private island. 

Zoë Kravitz’s directorial debut involves a tech billionaire (Tatum) who invites a cocktail waitress (Naomi Ackie) to fly his private jet to a party there. The atmosphere turns dark when strange things start to happen. Ackie’s character ends up worrying about making it out alive. The trailer shows the hacienda and its grounds in several scenes. If “Blink Twice” is a hit, Temozón Sur will be marked by an even bigger star on our local map. 

Channing Tatum in “Blink Twice.” Photo: Amazon MGM

The stately Hacienda Temozón is about an hour south of Mérida, in Abalá, part of the Ruta Puuc. Sisal production ceased there in 1987. but the property was restored in 1995 and converted into a luxury hotel surrounded by 91 acres of greenery. Heads of state have visited there for official gatherings, but mainly, it’s an upscale hotel for well-heeled travelers willing to pay US$300-$400 a night.

Blink Twice will be released jointly by Amazon MGM and Warner Bros. in August. The director and co-writer, Zoë  Kravitz, had her acting breakthrough with her portrayal of Angel Salvadore in the superhero film “X-Men: First Class.” She is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Lee Steele
Lee Steele
Lee Steele is the founding director of Roof Cat Media and has published Yucatán Magazine and other titles since 2012.
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