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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Yucatán #Pride isn’t over. Here’s what’s happened and what’s next. (VIDEO)

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Pride made a big comeback in Mérida for 2022. Photo: Mark Callum

Saturday’s LGBTQ march on the Paseo de Montejo attracted an estimated 20,000 people, quadrupling the crowd size at the previous Pride celebration in 2019.

Mark Callum, a Mérida resident who had a long career in the director’s booth at the British Broadcasting Corp., assembled video and still photos from his friends and partner, fashion designer Marcelo López— including Yucatán Magazine — to create this uplifting montage. For those who missed it, his is the full, uncut version.

And there’s more to come, in towns where you wouldn’t expect to see rainbow colors in June. That’s because this will be only the first or second year most of these towns have organized Pride events.

Celestún has a Pride march and coronation on Friday in which they crown a queen for “el mes de orgullo” — Pride month.

Maxcanú, a much smaller city in the western part of the state, is planning its own Pride parade on Tuesday. The city is even making special accommodations for visitors.

Oxkutzcab’s first-ever march is Saturday at the Siglo XXI cultural center and features a drag show with Valentina Montero.

Nearby in Akil, there’s another celebration on the same day at Campo 20 de Noviembre. This is their second-ever march.

Tizimín, north of Valladolid, is also doing up Pride on the same Saturday. There’s a march from the zoo to la explanada, and raffles, contests and music is promised.

Temax is planning a disco dance following their first Pride march on Saturday.

Near Chichén Itzá, Piste’s first Pride celebration was also announced, with a special welcome to LGBTQ+ allies.

The first demonstration during June Pride Month was in Izamal, the second-such parade held in the “yellow city.”

The second-ever LGBTQ+ Pride march in Izamal in 2022. Photo: Marcha De La Diversidad Sexual Izamal

Progreso’s Pride was on June 16, also relatively small, but overtaking the boardwalk at midday.

Did we miss any Pride events? Let us know.

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