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The Yucatán Peninsula’s most interesting homes.

A rare, artisanal retreat beckons on a quiet street in Mérida.
This turnkey modern house in Mérida's popular Santa Ana neighborhood has everything covered
Architects started work on Casa Encanto before the property is even purchased.
Photos of Trina Lawry’s gardens on Facebook got our attention last summer. It was the flowering hedge, cultivated for privacy from the street, that had us hooked.
Most buyers fall into three categories. Which one are you?
This morning in Josefina Larraín Lagos’ own home, which she designed with architect husband Salvador Reyes, serenity would be a struggle for most people. Men on ropes are rappelling from a tall mango tree, tasked with cutting back its branches. Limbs are falling left and right. The younger of her...
For eight years now, CENTRO Architects have been working to address maintenance issues large and small in Mérida’s Centro. 
Cats replaced people as my friends soon after quarantine 2020 began.  Watching the street took on a new fascination after lockdown. The utility roof was meant for ventilator and air conditioning equipment, not for cocktails, but it afforded us a view of the street. So we got into the habit...
I thought I knew a lot about dogs until I took in two rescues. I was wrong. Rescuing a dog off the street, one that’s never been in a home or felt a tender hand, is a completely different story.  Four years ago, I found a terrified puppy on the...
Architect Carlos de la Barrera is well known in Mérida for projects that blur the line between interior and exterior and challenge established ways of doing things locally. 
When Ric Kokotovich and Alison Wattie expanded their Mérida home by buying the lot next door, they took an opportunity to upgrade their workspaces.  And upgrade they did. Their original home is now a guest house. Casa El Tamarindo, the home they built, is all new. It’s dramatic, airy and...
A spacious and dazzling one-story residence is on the market in Bosques de San José, in Cholul. Its design combines modernity, sophistication and luxury with an interior designer's decor, giving the property a distinctive and avant-garde character. Outside, it has four assigned parking spaces plus one for visitors, covered by...
Long before social distancing became a thing, Marc Olson took the concept to a new level. He began building a home deep in the middle of nowhere.  It is a beautiful nowhere, in an undisclosed location somewhere on the Yucatán Peninsula, far from neighbors, roads, and all the comforts provided...
Yucatán at Home's first issue came out over the summer when throwing parties just wasn't allowed.
Trading Los Angeles for a new life in Yucatán would never be easy. But the payoff has been huge for Monica Petrus, an artist who has become “Monica de Hocabá,” and a bit of a celebrity.  Her house in Hocabá is her co-star. On the massive walls of its front rooms,...
As Christmas approaches, so does the opportunity of finding your ideal indoor greenery. When it comes to trees, most people tend to divide into two teams: artificial or living.
Organic food production is a somewhat newer trend in agricultural ventures, as it promotes a friendlier environmental process, and is overall said to be healthier for consumers. 
Located right in front of the high school Centro Universitario Montejo, the market hosts slow-food vendors on the weekends and maintains its crafts and decor market all throughout the week.
Its yellow church, French cobblestone streets, and botanical garden are testimony of the passing of time throughout the capital.
A neighborhood of great importance in the city, it emerged in the late 1940s, under the government of Ernesto Novelo Torres, but did not become relevant until the following decade. 
It’s not a quiz show — it’s a phenomenon that occurs a lot in Mérida, and perhaps other cities in Latin America as well, where expats have fixed up their dream retirement home and as the final touch on their restoration place a plaque on the wall next to the entryway that says “Casa Flores” or some such thing.
Built in the 19h century, the now boutique hotel was declared a Historic Monument in 1982, and to this day preserves its original French-style architecture. It has become one of the most iconic buildings in Paseo Montejo.
In today’s Centro, people are looking for properties that maintain the original essence of what there was, whilst becoming functional and enjoyable. FMT faced this challenge in 2018, with a project they dubbed “La Casita”. 
Fabián Gutiérrez met Francisco Bernés while they were both studying architecture in UADY, the state university of Yucatán. After spending some time abroad in Austria, and through their shared influences, they started designing together. 
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