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Drivers infuriated by dangers where train work clashes with Mérida-Cancún highway

Delays caused by construction are causing major headaches for divers on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway. Major construction kicked off over a year ago along the...

ADO bursts into flames on route to Cancún from Mérida over...

An ADO passenger bus on its way to Cancún from Mérida suddenly burst into flames.

Another bus catches fire in Mérida, raising safety concerns

A short circuit in the electrical systems of a passenger bus has been blamed for yet another fire on Mérida’s roads. 

A leak in a Tabasco Pemex oil pipeline causes disastrous fire

A massive fire sparked by a leaking oil duct has created massive environmental damage in Huimanguillo, Tabasco. 

Bus full of construction workers catches fire in Mérida’s north

A bus went up in flames just before 8 this morning in Mérida’s Francisco de Montejo neighborhood.

Rare shark attack severely injures a boy in Mahahual, south of...

A 14-year-old boy was attacked by a shark while swimming in the Caribbean sea off Mahahual in southern Quintana Roo. 

2 Cuban migrants die in shipwreck off Yucatán coast

Unofficial reports claim that Mexican authorities helped 19 people to disembark the badly damaged ship.

Young man says he is ‘no hero’ after saving disabled neighbor...

At just 18, Heider Alexander Cruz Reyes, is being hailed as a hero by his community after saving a disabled neighbor from a fire in his home.

Pemex downplays ‘eye of fire’ in the Gulf of Mexico

The accident is said to have been caused by a faulty duct that released and ignited highly combustible gas in the Gulf.

Tourist survives being swallowed by a sinkhole in Aké

The woman, identified as María O, says that she had been walking around the perimeter of the site when all of a sudden she was shoulder deep in thick clay like mud.

The company that built the collapsed Mexico City subway line is...

The company responsible for the construction of the faulty L12 subway line in Mexico City is also working on the Maya Train in Yucatán...

Parents say 16-year-old’s drowning in cenote could have been prevented

The parents of a 16-year-old boy who drowned last Saturday in a Quintana Roo cenote say that the accident should have been prevented by...

Obstruction of justice probed after boy drowns at Xcaret Park

Quintana Roo's state prosecutor has opened an investigation into whether state authorities intervened on behalf of Grupo Xcaret to cover up details surrounding the...

Cancún air crash kills 2 during gender reveal party

A small aircraft doing acrobatic maneuvers crashed into Cancun's Laguna Nichupté, killing at least two of its four passengers, during what was reported to...
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