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Priest-architect to lead Mérida Cathedral renovation

The Cathedral of Mérida will be overhauled. Aside from roof repairs and new lighting, its magnificent crucifix at the altar will be carefully cleaned.

10 incredible facts about Yucatán

We love Yucatán, and you love Yucatán. But if your friends are like ours, some of them need a simple list to understand what drives our passion for this peninsula. Here it is.

Petition blasts newsstands at historic sites

With yet another newsstand popping up in front of another historic building, someone has started a campaign against kiosks facing the Plaza Grande.

Shows resume at Plaza Grande sites

Those vivid and artistic high-def video projections cast on the facades of the Cathedral and Casa de Montejo will resume, weeks after the National Institute of Anthropology and History shut them down.

Mérida Cathedral tours halted

The inner workings of the Cathedral is off limits again, with tours been suspended until further notice, INAH has announced.

Newsstand mars view of Cathedral

Stand in front of Mérida's iconic Cathedral today and it's hard to miss something partially blocking it: a big black newsstand.

David Salomón’s runway under the Cathedral

Red carpet fashion designer David Salomón's Fortuna Collection was strikingly contrasted with the massive Mérida Cathedral, during Saturday's Noche Blanca.
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