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Downtown Sears brought a new style of shopping to mid-century Mérida

Sears, known locally as the first to introduce department-store credit cards and Santas to Yucatán, has left the Centro after 72 years.  It ended its...

Work has begun on Mérida’s new foodie corridor

With a budget of 350 million pesos, Meridá’s Calle 47 in Centro is poised to become the city’s hottest area for eating out.

Hundreds of crumbling homes in Mérida’s downtown cause concern

Currently, over 200 properties in Mérida's centro are severely structurally unstable," says Christian Chan Estrella of Yucatán's civil protection unit. 

Mexican Independence celebrations are ready to kick off

Mexican Independence Day celebrations kick off this evening in Mérida's Centro. 

Decu Downtown Mérida — luxury with local flare

Located in Mérida's historic downtown, Decu Downtown is a unique hotel that seamlessly combines luxury and tradition. 

An unbelievable oasis awaits in the heart of bustling Centro Histórico

Get away from it all just two blocks from Mérida’s main square.  But you need a real casona — a grand home in the city...

After more than 2 months, why are Mérida’s most iconic monuments...

Since the protests held on International Women’s Day back in early March, several of Mérida’s historic monuments remain covered in graffiti. 

New augmented reality app tells the story of Mérida’s iconic corner...

Mérida´s municipal government is launching a new mobile phone application to tell the story of the city’s iconic Centro corner plaques.

Mérida residents and businesses return to battle lines over noise

As the city comes back to post-lockdown life, noise complaints have returned. Mérida officials have sanctioned 15 restaurants and bars and 10 other businesses...

Casa Quadro: A chef’s kitchen inside, and Mérida’s top restaurants around...

This turnkey modern house in Mérida's popular Santa Ana neighborhood has everything covered

Controversial potted plant roadblocks being removed from Mérida’s streets

Mérida’s government has begun to remove the large potted plants placed along the city’s streets in Centro.

The victim of last week’s Centro shooting has died

The victim, Pablo G.L., was a 42-year-old chef and father of two young children who had just opened a new restaurant in Mérida's Santiago neighborhood. 

Mérida’s Centro prepares for a tsunami of tourists and last-minute shoppers

Approximately 400,000 people are expected to crowd the streets of Mérida's Centro on Christmas Eve. 

Suspect arrested after Mérida cyclist shot in Centro altercation

The gunman suspected of opening fire against a bicyclist in Mérida's Centro is reported to be under police custody.

Cyclist wounded by gunfire in downtown Mérida, suspect tied to drug...

A cyclist was shot and wounded Monday night in downtown Mérida by the driver of a black vehicle. Police are looking for a suspect known to be involved in the illicit drug trade.

Walking tours of Mérida homes and gardens begin anew

The MEL House and Garden Tour was forced to cease last year, but they begin again Tuesday, Nov. 23 and continue weekly until spring....

Casa del Águila: Just the right location for $150,000

This centuries-old colonial in Santiago is just waiting for you to complete its makeover. Located between Santiago and Santa Lucia parks on a non-bus...

Mérida on T+L ‘Best Cities’ list 5 years in a row

We have been writing a version of this story for years and years. And here we go again: Yucatán's capital city of Merida ranked...

Is it fair to keep some Yucatán bars closed and not...

Dozens of bar owners and workers from around the state made their way Monday to the governor’s palace where they demanded to be heard. 

Hundreds of buildings in Mérida’s Centro Histórico are unsound, says a...

According to the city, of the 6,000 structures in Mérida's historic center, 300 are structurally unsound.

New exhibit celebrates Mexico’s comic book pioneers

The exhibit, which organizers describe as a tribute, coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of pioneering illustrator and lithographer, Juan Bautista Urrutia.

Building in Yucatán: Permits and contracts for Mérida’s historic center

In Mérida, construction permits are different depending on the area in which you’re building. As the Centro Histórico is one of the most popular neighborhoods for newcomers, there are some technical — and legal considerations to keep in mind.

Bonampak: Mérida’s newest hot spot is a feast for the eyes

Mérida’s most Instagram-worthy bar has opened its doors after filling its walls with color.

The skyrocketing value of colonial homes in downtown Mérida

During the last decade, the value of colonial homes in Mérida's historic center has risen by as much as 300%.