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Merida surveys old buildings, hoping to avoid tragedy like Progreso’s

Merida's historic center contains about 20,000 properties with historical value, of which between 3,000-4,000 are ruins. About a third are beyond...

Pokemon gamers keep the Centro safe from Pocket Monsters

Those 500-plus gamers on Calle 61 Saturday were on an important mission: catching Pocket Monsters.

Historic renovation permits will come more quickly, INAH says

Property owners trying to renovate historic homes are being promised a more streamlined approval process.

City official compares 3 groups of street vendors to ‘mafia’

Some of the strongest words from a city official in recent memory were directed at illegal street vendors Thursday.

How generations of Lebanese families have shaped the Centro

Since their arrival in Merida, Lebanese migrants saw trade as the way to forge their future in...

Santa gets pulled over, and photo goes viral

A newspaper photographer captured the moment a motorcycle-riding Santa was pulled over by a policeman.

City to open management office in Centro Historico

The city is establishing an office to watch over quality-of-life issues in the Centro of Merida. Photo: Courtesy

Saving Merida’s historic center is not so simple for city agency

The city's new administration has too small a staff to properly address the growing number of abandoned properties that pose a safety risk to neighbors and passersby.

Merida may expand streetscape beautification program

The city is considering increased staffing to expand the Programa de Rescate de Fachadas.

No injuries in rollover involving U.S. passenger and guide

A car was overturned at a busy Centro intersection when a U.S. passenger and his guide blew through a stop sign, Sipse reported.

Architectural Digest celebrates artist’s ‘vibrant dream house’ in Mérida

Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo and his colorful Centro home are featured in Architectural Digest, one of the most respected shelter magazines in the U.S. 

Academics criticize economic and social inequality in the Centro Histórico

Parks such as Santa Lucia's have been given over to tourists at the expense of locals.That's one conclusion discussed this week at a seminar exploring the impact of foreigners on Mexico's historic centers.

The effects of expats living in Mexico’s historic centers are analyzed

The migration of foreigners in historic centers in Mérida and other Latin American destinations is among the topics of an academic seminar that is open to the public.

Pasaje Picheta poised for a modern, artsy overhaul

The Pasaje Picheta will shed its homey murals in a renovation that goes beyond a cosmetic makeover.

Centro bar closed again, presumably for noise violations

The Directorate of Urban Development of the City of Mérida last week closed, for the third time, a boisterous Centro Histórico nightclub.

In a restored Centro mansion, Lagalá lures artists, fashionistas and foodies

Ana Carolina Levya Peralta has come along way in the six years since she started the trendy El Mercadito Bazar. This week, her new enterprise, Lagalá 56:426, is camera-ready, and ready for the public.

1600s relic barely noticed in alleyway between church, market

A priceless artifact, barely in public view, sits almost lost between overhangs and cables, embedded in the north wall of Santiago church.

Judge tosses noise complaints against neighborhood cantinas

The Fifth District Court suspended the amparo process requested by residents living near loud Centro cantinas, questioning if the complainants really lived near the nightclubs.

Modern Music Palace is a showcase for its historic neighbors in...

Allowing never-before-seen views of some of the Centro's most revered historic treasures, the Music Palace is unabashedly modern. 

City Hall to have separate office to monitor Mérida’s Centro Histórico

Meeting with the Board for the Preservation of the Historic Center, mayor-elect Renán Barrera reiterated his proposal to create a dedicated Centro Histórico management office.

UADY landmark latest renovation project in Mérida’s Centro

Scaffolding covers UADY's historic downtown building, which has become part of the current phase of facade "rescue."

In final days of city administration, noise regulations remain stalled

Noise regulations remain a list of promises to be kept before the current administration hands over the keys to the Municipal Palace to the incoming administration on Sept. 1.

Trees fall, power goes out in heavy rain

Wind gusts Monday afternoon, reaching 83 kph/52 mph, toppled at least 85 trees, a billboard and three telephone poles.

UADY’s Centro staff packs up, yielding for new cultural center

About 100 UADY staff this week began packing for new quarters, making way for the Autonomous University of Yucatan's Centro Cultural Universitario.