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Rare commercial flight to land at Chichen Itza airport

By early afternoon today, Chichen Itza International Airport will have welcomed its first commercial flight in many years.

Dust devil whips up Chichen Itza a day after Spring Equinox

A day after tourists came to Yucatan to see a "serpent" climb down a temple's steps, a different natural phenomenon wowed tourists.

Spring Equinox in Mexico brings out thousands seeking New Age energy

It was a fine day for a Spring Equinox in Merida. Thousands flocked to Yucatan's...

2 choices for Spring Equinox sky-gazing in Yucatan

A lesser-known site close to Merida is an alternative to the crowds at Chichen Itza.

‘Incredible’ find: A cave filled with relics beneath Chichen Itza

In what the lead archaeologist calls an "incredible" find, researchers have announced the existence of a cave filled with hundreds of artifacts beneath the Chichen Itza ruins.

Chichen Itza boycott called off as officials iron out differences

The Vice President of the National Tourism Business Council, José Chapur Zahoul said that a threatened boycott of Yucatan's most famous archaeological site has been called off.

Travel agents begin boycott of Chichen Itza

Travel agencies from Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel supply 70 percent of Chichen Itza's 2 million visitors each year.

Chichen Itza souvenir vendors to be relocated, says Chapur

Doubling the ticket price for foreigners entering Chichen Itza will pay for a plan to evict and relocate souvenir vendors.

Chichen Itza ticket prices double for foreigners

Tickets for tourists from outside Mexico rose from 242 (roughly US$12) to 480 pesos (US$24), effective today.

Archaeologist Peter Schmidt dies; devoted more than 4 decades to studying...

German-born archaeologist Peter Schmidt, whose work helped to safeguard much of Maya culture, died this morning in Mérida.

Aquarium in Progreso among big ideas proposed to candadates

An aquarium in Progreso and an entertainment-hotel complex somewhere on the coast were among the tourist-building ideas presented to four gubernatorial candidates.

World’s largest 3D archive digitally preserves Chichén Itzá

Now scanned in 3D for posterity, Chichén Itzá and other historic monuments around the world are vulnerable to the ravages of time and an array of disasters.

Revived Chichén Itzá airport expected to lift off in June

The Valladolid Airport Freight Center's final construction stage is on track for a June inauguration.

Clouds clear for Spring Equinox illusion at Kukulcán

Clouds that obscured the Spring Equinox solar show at Dzibilchaltún Wednesday morning cleared in time to delight a huge crowd at Chichén Itza in the late afternoon.

Clouds spoil Spring Equinox at Dzibilchaltún; hopes high for Chichén Itzá

The sun god Kin bypassed Dzibilchaltún this morning, ruining what was hoped to be a glorious morning at the Temple of the Seven Dolls.

Officials and agencies brace for spring-equinox onslaught of tourists

Chichén Itza is expected to be slammed with visitors between March 19 and 21.

Tunnel could lead to Mayan ‘entrance to the underworld’

Archaeologists this month begin excavating a secret tunnel thought to lead beneath a pyramid built by the ancient Maya.

With few tourists, Chichén Itzá airport begins a new phase

A new cargo center has been opened to bring life to the sleepy air field.

Controversial Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá is approved

After almost a year and-a-half of planning, organizers obtained conditional approval to hold the Armando Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá on Feb. 3.

Pilot a ‘hero’ after family walks unscathed from jungle crash

A tourist from London is thanking a "hero" pilot after his family survived a plane crash in the jungle.

Protesters want Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá canceled

About 100 union workers at INAH are protesting the upcoming Armando Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá, saying that the Mayan archaeological site should not be used for commercial purposes.

Drone photographer at Chichén Itzá in hot water

The photographer who flew his drone over Chichén Itzá early one morning will answer to authorities who are taking legal action against him.

Drone photo at Chichén Itzá goes viral, but begs questions about...

Social media lit up after a drone flew over the top of Kukulkán temple and took an unusual birds-eye photo, which was published online.

Secret passageway discovered under Kukulkán temple

A secret passageway discovered under Temple of Kukulkan in Chichén Itzá could shed new light on ancient Maya beliefs.