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Star Wars fans celebrate May the 4th with cosplay parade

Fans of Star Wars gathered in front of several iconic monuments in Mérida to pose for photos on “Star Wars Day,” May the 4th.

An international film crew descends on Baca for a new project

The small community of Baca is abuzz with excitement with the arrival of an international film crew.

A walk around Uxmal’s dazzling new sound and light show

Unlike the previous show, which seated attendees atop Uxmal’s Nunnery Quadrangle to view a light show from a stationary position, this new show is walkable and much more dynamic.

New series based on the life of Armando Manzanero in the...

News of the upcoming show was announced on the national television show "Ventaneando" by Juan Pablo Manzanero, the son of the late singer-songwriter.

Mérida’s international circus festival to be held online

The festival will feature performances, conferences, and workshops by 44 artists from Canada, Spain, Australia, and Mexico.

Calling subtitles more inclusive, Mexico bans dubbed movies in cinemas

Starting March 22, cinemas in Mexico will not be allowed to show dubbed films. Photo: Courtesy A new...

Learn how to speak like a Mexican watching Luis Miguel’s Netflix...

Luis Miguel and the actor who portrays his younger self, Diego Boneta. Photo: File Season 2 of “Luis...

Syntek returns to native Mérida for music video shoot

Syntek at a press event in 2018. Photo: File Aleks Syntek promotes Mérida in new music video for...