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Mexico’s 5-gram marijuana law goes up in smoke

Mexico’s Supreme Court has invalidated a long-standing law that limited recreational marijuana possession to five grams. 

Mérida gets its first marijuana cafe, but will it last?

At Camaleón, you will find most of the usual fare you would come to expect from a cafe in Mérida’s Centro, but there is one big difference —  marijuana. 

Mexico takes new step towards full marijuana legalization

Legal experts say that this new move by the court is designed to spur legislators into action after they failed to reach an agreement before the deadline.

Pro-marijuana activists protest law by planting cannabis in Mérida park

The garden contains several species of medicinal plants native to the Yucatán, as well as Cannabis.

Pro-marijuana bicyclists parade down the Paseo de Montejo

Pro-marijuana activists on bicycles paraded down Paseo de Montejo demanding an end to prohibition.  The event was held on Tuesday, April 20 — or 4/20,...

Free courses teach people in rural communities to cultivate marijuana

Pro-marijuana activists are offering free growing workshops in Yucatan's rural communities. "It is all about fighting the stigma that surrounds marijuana and showing people the...

Lawmakers not happy with marijuana market next to the Mexican Senate

An open-air marijuana market has been set up next to the Mexican Senate.  The market is made up of approximately 50 stalls selling joints, marijuana-based...

Yucatán marijuana smugglers turn out to be National Guard

Mexico's National Guard has confirmed that four of its agents have been apprehended for traveling in a vehicle transporting marijuana.  The agents were allegedly found...

Marijuana in Mexico will be legal, but under tight restrictions

Lawmakers under court order have until mid-December to finalize rules that will make Mexico the world's largest market for legal marijuana. Advocates for legalization say...

Neighbor narcs on marijuana crop; field seized peacefully

Merida, Yucatan — Military and police officers seized a marijuana garden Thursday after a neighbor complained about the illegal crop. The location and size of...

Plan for legal marijuana in Mexico delivered to Congress

The National Development Plan, delivered to Congress Tuesday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, includes plans to decriminalize marijuana and other illegal drugs.

Mexico moves to legalize recreational marijuana

The new president isn't even in place yet, but a big liberalization of Mexico's marijuana laws is expected to be officially pursued Thursday.
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