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Vergel’s Aquaparque, Mérida’s very own urban oasis

Mérida is a great city to call home, but even those of us who love it the most sometimes get bogged down by things like traffic and the city's constant hustle and bustle. 

Altabrisa residents face an uphill battle for a new park

Authorities have begun to partition sections of land designated for a park in the Altabrisa neighborhood.  Neighbors are concerned about rumors that this is being...

A tight-knit, multi-generational group is on the move at Parque de...

It’s Saturday morning, and people are arriving, greeting each other with smiles and hugs. Some are making their way to the Parque de la...

An amazing secret west of Mérida: the city’s largest pyramid

Ya'axtal Park in Mérida, Yucatán is one place people regularly pass by. But few have any idea of the archaeological wonders it hides within.

Ermita Park– The start of the original road to Campeche

Its yellow church, French cobblestone streets, and botanical garden are testimony of the passing of time throughout the capital.

Great news for music enthusiasts: Santa Lucia Serenades To Return In...

We think that the serenades are learning the necessary measurements very quickly to be able to open this show,” says Mérida's director of Culture.

Plaza Grande — The history of Mérida’s most iconic square

During colonial times, the Plaza Mayor witnessed the swearing-in of Spanish kings, religious processions, bullfights, and many more important events.

Parque Hidalgo: French aesthetic and history in a Mérida park

At the intersection of 60th Street and 59th Street, Parque Hidalgo has existed since the first layout of the city. Its French aesthetic and tranquil feel are a refreshing stop in the ever-moving Centro.
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