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Should I Restore or Build New? The Age-Old Question

Are you a visionary with a masochistic streak? Or do you find original details worth the effort to bring back to life?

A rural renovation in Yucatán follows rock-solid tradition

Peace will come again, one day, to David W. Keelan's modest property in Dzoyaxché. But that won't happen until the contractors are gone, including Don...

Workshop Architects: The balance between history and modernity

Fabián Gutiérrez met Francisco Bernés while they were both studying architecture in UADY, the state university of Yucatán. After spending some time abroad in Austria, and through their shared influences, they started designing together. 

Casa Oliva — A colorful renovation in San Sebastián

Casa Oliva sits just around the corner from San Sebastian park. Inside and out, it is a celebration of the colors of the world.

Restoration of historic Progreso Casino is funded and approved

Progreso is planning to finally restore its historic casino. Not this one. This one. After 25 years of neglect, the once-grand social center of the...

INAH to approve 1,000 permits to Centro property owners in 2019

Merida, Yucatan — The Centro property boom is official. INAH, the historic-protection agency, said renovations have more than doubled since 2017. The Institute of Anthropology...

Pasaje Picheta, after 19 months of renovations, due to open this...

The Pasaje Picheta may reopen sometime this month after a reconstruction project that began in December 2017.

Merida surveys old buildings, hoping to avoid tragedy like Progreso’s

After a newly renovated Progreso bar partially collapsed, killing three, Merida city officials are taking a harder look at its inventory of vulnerable properties. The...

Historic renovation permits will come more quickly, INAH says

Property owners trying to renovate historic homes are being promised a more streamlined approval process.

Pasaje Picheta poised for a modern, artsy overhaul

The Pasaje Picheta will shed its homey murals in a renovation that goes beyond a cosmetic makeover.

UADY landmark latest renovation project in Mérida’s Centro

Scaffolding covers UADY's historic downtown building, which has become part of the current phase of facade "rescue."

El Pinar, ornate pink jewel on Calle 60, will be reception...

The ornate mansion, built in 1915 during the opulent Porfiriato and mirroring the period's French Renaissance trend, will be used for receptions and social events.

Merida English Library closed as expansion project begins

After months of fundraising, the Merida English Library is ready to begin its expansion. Members will have to adjust.

For Rosas & Xocolate, Mexico’s highest honor

Rosas & Xocolate, the pink boutique hotel that drove a high-end trend on the Paseo de Montejo nearly 10 years ago, is getting a national honor today.

Historic bandshell in Parque de las Americas is showing its age

The bandshell in one of the city's most beloved parks may be due for a renovation.

Reluctant or missing property owners stall Centro renovations

More than 70 owners of historic buildings are still in the midst of the current phase of the city's façade rescue project, as others have refused or can not be included due to legal issues.

For restoring a historic home, Mérida plans to offer tax-free status

Restored homes in the historic district would be exempt from property taxes under a proposed stimulus plan. Yes, there's a catch.

Centro hotel’s facade crumbles onto sidewalk

A part the Hotel Las Monjas' facade crashed to the pavement during a remodeling job gone wrong.

Holiday doesn’t stop officials from halting Centro home remodel

Personnel from the Municipal Directorate of Urban Development, with support from municipal police, halted demolition work at a house on Calle 51.

A bolder welcome at Mérida’s airport arch

The "Bienvenidos" arch seems a little more hearty in its welcome these days.

Mercado update: Santiago market to include interior green space

An investment of 7.6 million pesos will improve efficiency at Santiago's and Chuburná de Hidalgo's markets. 

Centro ‘rescue’ project heads north, with larger budget for more properties

The second stage of the current effort to restore facades in the Centro Histórico is a quarter-way done, said the city's director of urban development, Aref Karam Espósitos.

Airport’s fading ‘Bienvenidos’ arch to be restored

The arch that is the city's first impression on many travelers is getting a much-needed restoration.

Facelifts for 228 more Centro facades in next 5 months

After a summer break, the second stage of the current downtown facade rescue program heads north toward Parque Santa Ana.
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