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Casona Nikte’ — a new way for seniors to experience Mérida

Located in a grand XIX century casona in Mérida’s Santiago neighborhood, Casona Nikte’ offers all of the comforts of home and then some.

An unbelievable oasis awaits in the heart of bustling Centro Histórico

Get away from it all just two blocks from Mérida’s main square.  But you need a real casona — a grand home in the city...

Life is a breeze in Casa Turix, and it’s easy to...

From top to bottom, this exquisite Santiago home has been built to the highest of standards and is fully equipped and furnished. But Casa...

Crime-watch group seeks info after Santiago break-in

Merida, Yucatan — A neighborhood crime-watch group has numerous photos of a woman who they suspect is on a burglary spree. The Ladrones y delitos de...

Santiago residents help police nab man apparently trying to enter parked...

Neighbors in the Santiago neighborhood helped police nab a suspect who was a caught on camera checking cars for unlocked doors.

1600s relic barely noticed in alleyway between church, market

A priceless artifact, barely in public view, sits almost lost between overhangs and cables, embedded in the north wall of Santiago church.

Santiago Market shines after massive renovation

Entering Santiago Market? Bring your sunglasses and prepare for the glare of bright, shiny objects.

Mérida gets own ‘Camino de Santiago’

Forty neighborhood restaurants, historic buildings, cultural centers and gathering spots are being promoted as a whole under a "Camino de Santiago" project.