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Mexico looks to its southern neighbors for investment and international cooperation

Historically Mexico’s economic footprint regarding its neighbors to the south has been negligible at best, aside from a few large corporations such as Banco Azteca and Bimbo. 

Mexico ends US potato ban, clearing way for russets

The russets are coming. So are the fingerlings, reds, yellows and whites from Idaho, Maine and other U.S. potato growing regions. The Mexican Supreme Court...

‘New wave’ from China predicted for Yucatán

A university researcher predicts a "new wave" of Chinese in Yucatán, and it will be quite unlike the 19th-century arrival of Asian laborers.

NAFTA talks don’t worry Yucatan business community

Few companies in Yucatán are commercially dependent on the United States, said Carlos Campos Achach, president of the local Business Coordinating Council.

NAFTA due for modernizing, Mexico official says

Sounding optimistic about negotiations that have resumed in Canada, Mexico’s economy minister agreed Thursday that the 22-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement needed modernizing.

Mixed feelings in Mexico as NAFTA talks continue

While Mexico City tries to convince Washington that NAFTA has been good for both countries, critics south of the border think it’s time to take a hard look at the trade agreement's shortcomings.

Mexico markets may have to sell avocados grown from other countries

Mexico, the world's largest producer avocados, could one day begin importing them from South America for domestic consumption.

NAFTA negotiators to meet at Hacienda Ochil

U.S. officials arrive today to begin high-level trade negotiations, and they're meeting at one of the region's most well-loved haciendas.

‘Yucatán Week’ in Mexico City promotes local shoe designers

Shoe designers will have a special pavilion at the fifth edition of Yucatán Week in Mexico, May 19-28 in Mexico City.

Mall: City built it, but shoppers won’t come

An elaborate effort to bring street vendors indoors has proven to be a flop, but politicians have asked the current administration not to give up on it.

A mother’s legacy of tamales in Santa Ana

For over 20 years, Ismael Chan Caamal has been dedicated to selling tamales in the Santa Ana neighborhood. But his business's history goes back even further.

Tourism office courts Chinese officials

Municipal tourism authorities received a delegation from China to talk about investment here, including possible solar energy projects.

Mayor tours mall built for street vendors

Officials has been trying to peacefully lure the Mérida historic district's street vendors indoors. Here is a look at the marketplace under construction.
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