Times, Prices, and Everything You Need to Know About the Tren Maya

The Tren Maya has been years in the making, but as of Dec, 16, it will finally begin to transport travelers from Campeche to Cancun’s airport. Photo: Courtesy

The inaugural voyage of the Tren Maya takes place today between Campeche and Cancún’s airport.

However, all seats on this first trip have been reserved for government dignitaries and members of carefully selected media outlets. 

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Tickets sold out almost as soon as they became available, at MX$1,318  (about US$77) for tourist class and MX$2,091 (about US$120) for premiere class. They were available only online. 

But as promised, different rates for locals of México’s southeast have been announced. The wording in the official press statement is ambiguous on whether or not these discounted prices will be available for foreigners holding residence visas.

Tickets from Mérida (Teya Station) to Cancún’s airport for locals of the states of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo will be MX$450 (about US$26) for tourist class and MX$782 (45$USD) for premier class.

So far, the train to Cancún stops only at the airport, so if you are going to Cancún itself, you will need to take a bus or taxi. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine

For those traveling from Mérida (Teya Station) to Campeche, when that route opens up, the price will be  MX$250 (US$14.5) for tourist class and MX$459 (US$27) pesos for premiere class. 

When completed, the Tren Maya will traverse Chiapas, Tabasco, Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo. Photo: Courtesy 

It is, however, important to keep in mind that Mérida’s Tren Maya station is located on the outskirts of town, near Hacienda Teya. The station will be accessible via Mérida’s new Ie-Tram network for MX$14 for locals (US$7) and MX$45 (US$2.6) for non-residents of Yucatán. 

Despite being initially offered online, for now, tickets in Mérida are sold only at Tren Maya offices, Calle 49 255, San Ramón Norte. To purchase tickets, a credit or debit card and an official ID are required.

Tickets from Mérida to Cancún are likely to sell out fairly quickly. 

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Official sources have stated that new ticketing offices will be opening soon; presumably at the Tren Maya headquarters in front of Plaza Galerias as well as at least a couple of locations downtown. 

Trains from Teya Station to Cancún’s airport will depart at 9:36 AM and 1:36 PM, taking roughly 3.5 hours with stops along the way in 6 locations, including Izamal and Chichén Itzá.

Advertisements for the Tren Maya can now be seen all over the country, including billboards and signs at airports. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine

Prices and schedules are likely to fluctuate in the new year. 

No information has been released regarding times and prices for other routes as they are still under construction and are not expected to open to the public before late Feb. 2024 at the earliest.  

The Tren Maya has been announced to have a dining car, but the menu and its prices have yet to be made public. Photo: Courtesy

However, engineering challenges including the construction of several bridges and overpasses, especially on routes 5 and 6 down the coast of Quintana Roo make it unlikely that these sections of the rail network will be operational for several months. 

There have recently also been rumors about extending the Tren Maya into the Central American nations of Belize and Guatemala, but no concrete plans have been announced. 

Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Born in Mérida, Carlos Rosado van der Gracht is a Mexican/Canadian blogger, photographer and adventure expedition leader. He holds degrees in multimedia, philosophy, and translation from universities in Mexico, Canada and Norway.
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