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Yucatán at Home goes big with large-print edition

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Yucatán at Home announces its large-print edition for readers who are vision-impaired or who want to hide from other people in the room. Photo: Courtesy

Readers who wear readers will be glad to see that Yucatán at Home, our bi-monthly printed periodical, is now available in large-print editions.

What the magazine loses in portability it gains in legibility. Its pages are about three feet tall, ample to print stories in headline-size type. Readers who prefer normal-size type can prop the magazine against a wall and stand back about 20 feet.

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Each issue weighs roughly the size of a sack of potatoes, so lifting it off your reinforced coffee table each morning can improve muscle tone and joint strength. Editors are researching the possibility of attaching leather straps to the cover to make lugging it to the park or patio more practical.

Moreover, reading the large-print edition of Yucatán at Home offers protection from the sun as well as privacy from neighbors or family members.

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The announcement comes, not coincidentally, on el Dia de los Santos Inocentes, Latin America’s answer to April Fool’s Day. And yes, the photo above is just poster blowups we created for our launch party.

The yearly tradition of writing prank stories is followed loyally by local media that in the past has jokingly reported the collapse of Chichén Itzá or — in an elaborate spoof from La Jornada Maya — that the president plans to turn a cenote-zone pig farm into a Mayan Train stop, and dig an underwater tunnel so the rail line can reach Isla Holbox.

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Don’t believe anything you read on Dec. 28 no matter how large the print.

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