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COVID deaths in Yucatan doubled in 4 weeks

COVID-19 in Yucatan, by the numbers

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Pedestrians in the Centro walk through a sprayer that is meant to kill viruses. Photo: Social media

In less than a month, the mortality rate from COVID-19 doubled in Yucatan, a closer look at Yucatan Health Ministry numbers reveals.

While the true numbers will never be known, Yucatan has officially counted 500 coronavirus deaths in 91 days.

The first 250 deaths were recorded in a span of 64 days, from April 3 to June 6. In under a month, the other 250 deaths occurred.

Breaking the numbers down even more, the acceleration of the virus’ toll is even more chilling. The death tally reached 50 in 32 days and doubled 10 days later. The number doubled again, to 200, just 15 days later. The next 100 deaths occurred over the following 15 days.

The remaining 100 deaths occurred in 12 days.

Mexico’s first COVID-19 infection appeared on Feb. 27. Seventeen days later, on March 13, the first infection reached Yucatan when a contagious 57-year-old woman arrived from Spain. By April 3, 21 days later, Yucatan’s first coronavirus death was announced. The victim was a 36-year-old man whose treatment was complicated by obesity.

On Friday, Yucatan’s health ministry announced 255 newly confirmed active cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing COVID-19 disease, as well as 13 deaths.

New cases included 125 found during the previous 24 hours as well as 130 cases that were attributed to a lag in record keeping.

Just over half of all cases are concentrated in the capital city. The virus is so far absent in seven municipalities: Cantamayec, Dzilam de Bravo, Mayapán, Río Lagartos, Tahdziú, Telchac Puerto and Tunkás.

The two main complications inhibiting treatment are diabetes and hypertension, followed by obesity and chronic kidney failure, state data indicates. Only 72 patients who died had no pre-existing conditions.

More than half of the fatalities — 66.2% — are men.

The elderly are more vulnerable to the virus. But among COVID-19 deaths in Yucatan, 49.4% of the victims were between the ages of 15 and 64. The youngest to die was 6 months old.

Four of the deceased are foreigners. The first two were passengers from the Marella Explorer II cruise ship, allowed to dock in Progreso on humanitarian grounds. An Italian resident in Merida and a part-time beach resident from Canada also died.

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