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Good news for Yucatán’s sea turtles

Sea turtles continue to be endangered in Yucatán, but a new study suggests that their numbers are beginning to recover. 

New sterilization campaign in Progreso cracks down on stray animals

The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

RIP Fitz, the most photographed dog in Mérida

Just this past June, a 16-year-old terrier named Fitz found late-in-life stardom. It was later than we'd hoped. Fitz died suddenly Wednesday. The cause...

Yucatán hopes to administer 270,000 doses of rabies vaccine in new...

This week marks the beginning of Yucatán's rabies vaccination program for cats and dogs

Mexico passes new law banning animal testing in the cosmetics industry

Mexico has become the first country in North America to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals.

El Centenario Zoo opens its gates — Mérida will meet new...

The Mérida Zoo has received a pair of cotton-top tamarins and a female ring-tailed lemur.

Yucatán’s amazing animals — from the cute to the scaly and...

This week we continue our quest to bring to you original photographs and information about some of Yucatán’s most amazing animals.

Yucatán’s amazing animals, from the solitary jaguar to the misunderstood opossum

Though the exact number of animal species on the Yucatán Peninsula is hard to nail down, even conservative estimates place the number in the thousands.

Baby manatee rescued from lagoon in Quintana Roo

The tiny calf would have most likely died without the intervention of rescuers who were alerted of the calves' precarious state by locals from the area. 

Dolphin found beached on the shore of San Crisanto

Video of the rescue was captured by one of the fishermen who can be heard speaking to the dolphin and reassuring it with gentle gestures..

Dogs in Yucatán: Getting them here and keeping them happy

Taking your dog to Yucatán takes planning. Getting them here is one thing, and finding care for them once they’re settled is another.

New laws against animal abuse get tougher in Yucatán

People found guilty of severe animal cruelty resulting in death are liable to serve prison terms of up to three years and pay fines, which theoretically could be as high as 1,790,000 pesos (90,000 USD).

Tiger on the run near Cancún sparks concern

Over the weekend, a loose tiger was spotted on the highway between Cancún and Leona Vicario.

Amazing birds of Yucatán, from the adorable to the thieves

Here is the fifth installment of our field guide to the region's feathered friends.

Spiders and howlers: Yucatán’s charming species of New World monkeys

Other than human beings, Yucatán is home to two species of primates, these being howler and spider monkeys.

Life lessons from Fitz, Yucatán’s most photographed terrier

Fitz has a face and demeanor that suggests he knows everything. But could he have any idea how much he’s helping the dog and...

Baby turtles head to sea with help of international residents

The nest contained eleven live baby turtles and well over one hundred hatched eggs shells.

More amazing birds in Yucatán, from pheasants to the American robin’s...

This week we kick things off with one of Yucatán’s most emblematic species, the great curassow or hocofaisán.

The amazing birds of Yucatán’s lush jungle habitats

This week we kick things off with a species you are not likely to see every day unless of course, you live deep in the jungle.

The amazing birds of Yucatán

The Yucatan peninsula is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful and exuberants birds, 565 of them to be exact.

Motorized buggies to replace horses on Mérida streets under new proposal

A proposal to reduce animal cruelty by promoting horseless tourist carriages was introduced by Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha, who is running for another term.

Bullfighters say that it’s time for a comeback

The bullfighters union of Yucatán has requested that Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal allow bullfighting to return to Mérida's Plaza de Toros.  The union says that...

Two large crocodiles in mangrove found dead from gunshot wounds

Two large crocodiles were found dead in a mangrove near the coastal community of Dzidzantún.  The reptiles showed evidence of having been shot several times...

No more horse-drawn carriages in Mérida, activists urge

Animal rights activists are calling for Mérida’s horse-drawn carriages to be phased out. The activists are planning a rally in front of the Cathedral on...
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