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Beach erosion now creeping in on 100% of Yucatán beach homes

"We need a new set of standards to address the problem, as honestly efforts so far have not only been unsuccessful but have actually made the problem worse," said Pedro Castro Borges, of the CInsvestav research institute.

New measures needed to protect Yucatán’s beaches from pollution

Worrying levels of pollution have been detected at four of Yucatán's beaches.

New closures hit Telchac’s boardwalk and beaches

Authorities in Telchac anounced that starting today, its boardwalk and beaches would be closed until furhter notice.

Quintana Roo enlists the Navy in the fight against sargassum

Mexico’s navy has removed over 10,000 tons of sargassum from the coastline of Quintana Roo. The unsightly seaweed was cleared from beaches in seven municipalities across the state.

Progreso renovation respects the classic lines of a mid-century home

One block off the Gulf, but still close enough to catch the breezes — and the sand — Casa Mareto was built in 1950 and was owned by the same family until now.

Cancún task force targets businesses that block the beach

Authorities in Cancún mounted a task force to remove obstacles that mark off so-called private beaches. Mexico's constitution does not allow for private beaches. The...

Despite COVID-19, Sisal struggles to manage all its tourists

Restaurateurs and hotel operators in Sisal say that the growth of tourism in the coastal community is rapidly outpacing capacity.  Despite the pandemic, tourism in...

Celestún’s beaches to remain open to the public for Easter

Despite COVID-19, Celestún municipal authorities say they are ready to welcome visitors to beaches and restaurants over the Easter holiday. "Visitors to Celestún will be...

A busy spring break could undermine Cancún’s economic recovery

Cancún and the Mayan Riviera have had a relatively slow year due to COVID-19 but beaches, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are far from empty.  Even...

Sargassum returns: Unsightly algae returns to the Riviera Maya

Beachgoers in Quintana Roo have begun to notice the return of sargassum. The floating, brown seaweed has been spotted on several beaches including Tulum and...

Yucatán’s beaches officially open to the public again Wednesday

Yucatán's beaches are set to reopen Wednesday after a two-week closure. Health authorities decided to close all public beaches in Yucatán following a spike in...

NGO: Now is the time to take action and care for...

Volunteers working with the non-governmental organization Ríos Limpios have removed seven tons of garbage, made up mostly of plastic, from coastal areas in Yucatán....

Expats explode after video shows a foreigner’s rage against neighbor

Video of a resident trying to burn down a neighbor's palapa has set off a social media firestorm. And for the expat community in...

New law: Mexico beaches aren’t private property

Following several dustups over property owners blocking others from "their" beaches, a new law enacted Wednesday allows full public access to every beach in...

Yucatan won’t budge over alcohol sales at the beach

Progreso, Yucatan — With the summer holiday season underway, the state government has refused to loosen restrictions on Sunday alcohol sales on the...

Puerto Morelos tries to trap sargassum, which nearly drowns a tourist

Thousands of feet of plastic barriers prevent tons of sargassum from reaching the beach.

Every possible solution to the sargassum crisis has an environmental downside

Collecting the seaweed-like algae at sea or on land risks fish and turtles.

Sargassum crisis could wash away tourist income by 30%

The sargassum crisis could cost the Riviera Maya up to 30 percent of its tourist trade, according to a presidential commission.

After Yucatan confrontation, national law advances to punish beach bullies

With 406 votes in favor, 7 against and 20 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday approved a measure to punish anyone who blocks...

Tide recedes 100 meters, alarming early-risers at Progreso

The so-called vaciante marina, bringing the tideline far from its normal point, roused the curiosity and even fear among the public.

Profepa stops hotel from building on sea turtle nesting site

Environmental authorities have denied permits for a proposed hotel near one of Mexico's most important sea turtle nesting beaches on the Yucatán's Caribbean shore.

Sargassum torments beachgoers far beyond Riviera Maya

Sargassum, which has hit not only the Peninsula's Caribbean coast but also beaches from Texas to the Carolinas, is worse than ever this year.

Bella Hadid amuses fans during Tulum fashion shoot

Model Bella Hadid's visit to the beaches of Tulum was a work assignment, but she appeared to be having lots of fun.

Sargassum, bane of Yucatán’s beaches, could be useful on the farm

Sargassum, a nutrient-rich algae which commonly washes up on Yucatán Peninsula's beaches, may serve as an environmentally friendly fertilizer alternative.
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