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Kankí, the Maya city where the stone eyes of ancient gods...

Kankí may be only 10 miles or so from the Mérida-Campeche highway, but feels a world away.

The ruins of ancient Tohcok, hiding in plain sight

There are literally thousands of archaeological sites of varying sizes dotting the Yucatán Peninsula, several being very hard to get to, but as it happens Tohcok lay right on the side of the highway.

Exploring Campeche, the colonial bastion on the Gulf of Mexico

Established in 1540 by Francisco de Montejo and León "El Mozo," son of the elder Francisco de Montejo, Campeche was founded two years before Mérida — making it the first major Spanish settlement on the Peninsula. 

The ambition, power, and downfall of the great Calakmul

Calakmul is an ancient Mayan city found deep in the jungle of the southeastern Mexican state of Campeche, near the border with Guatemala.

The untamed beauty of Hormiguero and its exotic wilderness

Part of its appeal likely has to do with the fact that it is rarely visited by tourists because of how poor the roads needed to access it are

Xpujil, gateway to the Calakmul biosphere

Xpujil is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, and within the limits of the contemporary town of the same name.

Balamkú, the great city of the sacred jaguar lords

Balamkú is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere, near the entrance to Calakmul national park. 

The small but beautiful ancient city of Chicanná

Chicanná gets its name from its most famous building, the House of the Serpent Mouth.

The grand ancient city of Becán — a microcosm of Maya...

Because of Becán’s longevity, in its history, we can see evidence of a microcosm of Mayan chronology packed into a single site.

The (almost) forgotten city of El Tabasqueño

Because El Tabasqueño is located in a fairly remote area that is jam-packed with archaeological sites, it is visited by only the most adamant lovers of Mayan archaeology.

Hochob, the mysterious Maya city on the hill

Hochob was founded in the 3rd century CE, but it is likely that the area had already been settled by Maya farmers centuries before.

Xtampak, the enigmatic capital of the Chenes region

The name Xtampak comes from the Yucatec-Maya language and is usually translated as meaning old walls

The ancient city of Dzibilnocac and its great towers

Dzibilnocac is a Mayan archaeological site on the outskirts of the Vicente Guerrero community in Hopelchén, Campeche.

Harsh restrictions return in Campeche as COVID cases rise

Campeche, Mexico. Photo: Getty Mexico's first state to reach the epidemiological green light, and later to open schools,...

Once luxurious homes in Campeche being used as drug dens

Many homes on Campeche's coast lay abandoned. Photo: Courtesy Beach homes in Campeche’s Playa Palmeras are being robbed,...

Over 1,000 people in Campeche inoculated with fake COVID-19 vaccines

Thousands of fake vaccines were found inside ice coolers arriving from Honduras. Photo: File More than 1,000 people...

Campeche 1st state in Mexico allowed to resume normal activity

Campeche is Mexico's first state in the epidemiological green light. Graphic: YEL While Yucatan remains under a fairly...

Campeche is 1st state in Mexico to reach a coronavirus ‘yellow...

Campeche is ahead of the rest of Mexico in reaching a coronavirus curve. Photo: Getty Mexico's Ministry of...

For 200 communities between Campeche and Yucatan, no way in or...

A hand-painted sign and makeshift barriers cut off access to Hecelchakán, some 70 km to the north of the state capital...

Campeche sees 1st coronavirus death, a 49-year-old male

Photo: Getty A 49-year-old man living in Ciudad de Carmen became Campeche state's first COVID-19 fatality, according to...

European tourists help drive handicraft sales by 80%

Photo: Punto Medio Campeche — Shantal Tun Baeza, an artisan installed in the Parque Principal for the holiday...

Campeche’s Centro Historico shows signs of strain

Campeche's Centro suffers in a challenging economy. Photo: Tribuna Ciudad Campeche, Campeche — The capital's Historic Center, with...

Mexico’s 2nd-longest bridge opens to traffic in Campeche

Puente de la Unidad in Campeche, the second longest in Mexico and the fifth in Latin America, was inaugurated Monday.

AMLO vows to restore rice production in Campeche

Supporters give Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador two geese as a gesture of their esteem. Photo: Twitter