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Volunteers help Chelem Community Center lower its electric bills 

Six members of the Bulldog Solar team volunteered for a day to help a good cause on the Yucatán coast.  The Chelem Community Center, which...

New residents in Yucatán flock to the beach

The real-estate market on Yucatán’s coastline continues to heat up as a growing number of people from across the country and the world continue to buy up properties.

Hours after her pets are poisoned, woman is attacked and bound...

An American living in the Chelem-Churburna area was tied up and robbed in her home hours after someone fatally poisoned her dog on the beach.

No welcome wagon for travelers entering Chelem

Holding placards and blocking the town's entrance, Chelem residents Saturday protested an influx of suspected vacationers in their tiny beach community. The protest followed a...

‘Dry law’ to be implemented, ending liquor sales along the coast

Progreso, Yucatan — A "ley seca," or "dry law" that bans alcohol sales, will be implemented here through the Easter season, the mayor announced....

2020 Taste of Chelem food festival

Taste of Chelem, a food festival that benefits Chelem Apoyo Escolar, is 1-5 p.m. Sunday, March 8 at the corner of Calle 19 and 28.

Bingo for Chelem Toy Drive

The ongoing Bingo games that support the Chelem Children’s Christmas Toy Drive is Tuesday, Feb. 4 at La Terracita. Doors open at 5 p.m....

Karaoke contest for charity in Chelem

A six-week Karaoke contest, which began each Friday on Dec. 11, is under way.

No Mas Perritos Chili Cook Off/Cake Bake Off

The No Mas Perritos Chili Cook Off/Cake Bake Off is at La Terracita restaurant

Art & Wine with Marisol, Patricia, and Alfred

Artists Marisol, Patricia, and Alfred return to visit Chelem to display their current masterpieces. 

Catrinas by Rosy Peraza at El Bull Pen

For Dia de los Muertos, artist Rosy Peraza's Catrinas are on view and for sale at El Bull Pen. Wine flights and dinner specials also...

Monica Petrus featured in Art & Wine series

meet Monica Petrus and learn something the HGTV program didn't really tell you: she's a fantastic artist.

Viva Mexico! Latin Music Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Latin Rock

A special night of festive music celebrating Mexico's Independence! Dancing and the best rhythms. Come celebrate this wonderful country and the beautiful gifts it...

Karaoke at El Bull Pen

As Mama Rose said in "Gypsy," "Sing out, Louise!" Karaoke has returned to El Bull Pen in Chelem, starting at 6 each Friday. No...

Art & Wine at El Bullpen

Dubhe Yelen, Delfino Ruiz Corral and Elio Noh will present a collection of heartwarming artwork at El Bull Pen.

Christmas toy drive Bingo in Chelem

The Chelem Children’s Christmas Toy Drive, which 100% benefits the cause, is at La Barca in Chelem.

El Martini beach bar suddenly closes amid accusations of ‘bullying’

The well-loved El Martini beach bar is shutting down, suddenly and with hints of a dispute with an unnamed person.

Tomato Italian Bistro grand opening in Chelem

The grand opening of Tomato Italian Bistro in Chelem begins 4:30 p.m. Friday May 31. The restaurant is across from the ballpark, at Calle...

Pub trivia at El Bull Pen

Gather your team (from one to six players) and test your skill at an assortment of trivia questions. Starts at 6:30. Fabulous prizes for...

Christmas Toy Drive Bingo at La Playa

The monthly Bingo game, which benefits the Chelem Children’s Christmas Toy Drive, is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, at La Playa de Chelem.

Lee Bratby’s Celtic, Irish and Scottish Music in Chelem

El Bull Pen in Chelem hosts special guest Les Bratby, who brings Celtic, Irish and Scottish music, plus some modern and contemporary songs, to...

Wine & Art: David Candila jewelry

Welcome a brand new artist to the beach, David Candila, who is showing his unique jewelry pieces at El Bull Pen. Wine and dinner...

Luna Rosa: Wine & Art Wednesday

Designs by Luna Rosa are featured at El Bull Pen. Wine flights and dinner specials on the menu.

Bingo! Chelem Christmas Toy Drive

It's never too early for the Chelem Christmas Toy Drive Bingo. This is a community fundraiser to raise funds to purchase Christmas toys for the...
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