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Volunteers help Chelem Community Center lower its electric bills 

Six members of the Bulldog Solar team volunteered for a day to help a good cause on the Yucatán coast.  The Chelem Community Center, which...

New residents in Yucatán flock to the beach

The real-estate market on Yucatán’s coastline continues to heat up as a growing number of people from across the country and the world continue to buy up properties.

Hours after her pets are poisoned, woman is attacked and bound...

An American living in the Chelem-Churburna area was tied up and robbed in her home hours after someone fatally poisoned her dog on the beach.

No welcome wagon for travelers entering Chelem

Holding placards and blocking the town's entrance, Chelem residents Saturday protested an influx of suspected vacationers in their tiny beach community. The protest followed a...

‘Dry law’ to be implemented, ending liquor sales along the coast

Progreso, Yucatan — A "ley seca," or "dry law" that bans alcohol sales, will be implemented here through the Easter season, the mayor announced....

El Martini beach bar suddenly closes amid accusations of ‘bullying’

The well-loved El Martini beach bar is shutting down, suddenly and with hints of a dispute with an unnamed person.

Planned power outage in Chelem and Chuburná

A power cut has been scheduled in Chelem and Chuburná for much of Wednesday.

4 more beach projects shut down on environmental grounds

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) temporarily closed four lots, citing owners for allowing construction in a coastal ecosystems without permits.

Chelem villa owners face huge fines for encroaching onto beach

A beach villa has been flagged by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) for allegedly encroaching the beach and lacking environmental-impact permits.

Palapa, a Chelem landmark, burns down at La Barca

The towering palapa atop a restaurant-bar on the Chelem-Chuburná Puerto corridor has been lost to a fire.

National Combi Day brings together fans of the classic VW Bus

Its the National Day of the Combi, a day for fans of the iconic Volkswagen Bus, also called a Transporter, Kombi, T2 or a Hippie-van, depending on the country.

“¡Yo limpio Chelem!” cleanup planned

Promoting citizen participation and conservation activities in the community, “¡Yo limpio Chelem!” will be held Sunday. Sept. 17 in the ecological reserve.

Water pressure drops in coastal towns as pools proliferate

It seems that nearly everyone who's building at the beach wants a pool. And it's putting a strain on the water system.