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A Surprise Donation Rocked Our ‘Celebrations’ Celebration

Yucatán Magazine's "Celebrations" issue launch party raised 100,000 pesos (almost $US6,000) after a generous and anonymous couple matched the event's proceeds with their own...

How to Help Keep Your Pets Calm During Fireworks

For those with pets, the holidays and especially New Year can be a trying time as the racket caused by fireworks is often impossible to avoid, even in the smallest towns.

The story of dogs in Mesoamerica as pets, guardians, and even...

Archaeological and iconographical sources make it clear that just like today, even in the distant Mesoamerican past, dogs were mankind's best friend. 

Proposal would ban animal euthanasia and force owners to sterilize pets

Animal rights organizations in Yucatán are seeking a ban on the practice of animal euthanasia.

Mexico says its final farewell to Frida the heroic dog

Frida, the rescue dog who became a national sensation during the aftermath of the 2017 Mexico City earthquake, has passed away.  Frida retired from active...

Chichén Itzá stray dogs to be cleared out

State authorities have announced that they have kicked off an effort to clear stray dogs from Chichén Itzá.

New sterilization campaign in Progreso cracks down on stray animals

The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

New laws against animal abuse get tougher in Yucatán

People found guilty of severe animal cruelty resulting in death are liable to serve prison terms of up to three years and pay fines, which theoretically could be as high as 1,790,000 pesos (90,000 USD).

People in Tekax seeking justice, as dogs are poisoned

Residents of Tekax Yucatán are reporting that someone has purposefully been poisoning dogs in their community. Local woman, Marisol Gutierrez, took photographs of an unidentified...

Stray dog, in a peculiar predicament, is finally captured and rescued

A stray dog with her head stuck inside a large glass jar has been too skittish to let anyone help her. But after at...

Spay-and-neuter clinics carry on despite funding challenges

Amigos de Rico, Planned Pethood Mexico and AFAD are conducting two consecutive spay and neuter clinics.

Search continues for pilot while colleagues complete mission to rescue ailing...

Colleagues of a missing pilot who was volunteering for a pet rescue operation have completed the mission in his honor.

Keeping your dog calm when fireworks explode

The sound, and even smell, of fireworks can overwhelm your confused and startled pet. Here are some tips from a celebrity dog behaviorist on helping your pet cope.

Red flags to look for when someone claims to have your...

Going public to announce a lost pet could lead to telephone scams, the state attorney general's office warns.

Fair for dog lovers returns after rain delay

The state Youth Secretariat's Fourth Canine Walk, rained out earlier this month, will be 7 p.m. Saturday, July 1.

The season poses heatstroke danger to pets

Many pet owners overlook the role high temperatures play in the health of their pets.

New restaurant invites your dog to dine

A young entrepreneur in Mérida is opening Peek Food Restaurant, with a special menu and dining room for dogs who accompany their owners.

Peek Park a new play zone for dogs

The first of its kind in southeastern Mexico, Peek Park has been officially inaugurated, opening a free interactive fun zone for dogs at the Paseo Verde.

Help 6 lucky pups fly north of the border

An Evolución Animal A.C. friend will match the first $700 USD raised to send six shelter dogs to Canada, where their prospects for a forever home improve.
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