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Mérida gears up for its annual tamales festival

During the event, several vendors will be selling tamales of several different types, including the Yucatecan Xpelón, as well as versions traditional to states like Puebla, Oaxaca, and Mexico City. 

Yucatán’s top 8 street junk food favorites

Walking through virtually any city or town in Yucatán a wide range of food vendors can be seen peddling goodies out of push carts, mobile stands, food trucks, and just about every other configuration you can think of.

Rosca de Reyes on the menu for millions across Mexico

The celebration is a Mexican tradition that takes place after Christmas to mark Three King’s Day, also called the Epiphany, which celebrates the biblical appearance of the wise men in Bethlehem.

Stuffed eggplant, the Yucatecan way

When I first came to Yucatan, I was very young and had never tasted eggplant. My mother-in-law had a special recipe and when I tried it, I liked it so well that it became the dish she would always make for me on my birthday.

2021, a hectic year, in review

It has been one doozy of a year. From the ever-evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic to the decline and bouncing back of the tourism industry, to wacky news stories that for some reason or another caught traction in 2021.

Cochinita pibil named 2021 ‘best dish’ by Taste Atlas

Yucatán's famed cochinita pibil has been named the top dish in the world for 2021 by the website Taste Atlas.

Increased demand for help at Mérida’s food bank

Mérida's food bank says that it is under more pressure than ever to offer food security to struggling families and individuals. 

Expats living in Mexico share Christmas recipes from home

One of the things I love most about living here in Yucatán is the great combination of nationalities and the new friends and recipes...

Feel brave enough to eat an eyeball taco? Mérida’s taco festival...

Taco connoisseurs are prepreparing to host Mérida's Festival del Taco next weekend. 

‘Queen’ of cochinita awarded the Jaguar del Turismo award

Míriam Peraza Rivero, also known as the “Queen” of cochinita was awarded the Jaguar del Turismo gastronomic award by Mexico's Tourism Association.  The award was...

Canada’s favorite indulgence makes its way to the land of the...

Cue the poutine! As much as everyone in Mérida loves tacos, panuchos, and salbutes, the amount of international options for snacking and dining in the city continues to grow. 

New season of Gastro Destino México to star 8 Yucatecan Chefs

Yucatán is set to host the second season of Gastro Destino México, a streaming production highlighting the richness of Mexico's cuisine.  The eight chefs, all...

The best breakfasts in Yucatán

Breakfast time in Yucatán is full of delicious options, from the spicy to the sweet and savory.

How to make Chiles en Nogada, Mexico’s most patriotic dish (includes...

Get ready for Mexican independence day by preparing delicious Chiles en Nogada with a little help from our video tutorial.

The top 9 botanas served for ‘free’ in Yucatán cantinas

Unlike bars, which are all about alcohol, the quality of a Yucatecan cantina is measured by how generous they are with their botanas.

Make delicious, authentic enchiladas verdes from scratch

Like many great recipes, enchiladas owe at least some of their popularity to the fact that they can be made using leftover proteins and even stale tortillas. 

Will Yucatán’s love for cheese beat out its fear of COVID-19?

Event organizers have been quick to point out that they will be following all sanitary protocols, to protect vendors and patrons from COVID-19. 

Snack time: The best of Yucatán’s botanitas

While some of the snacks on offer in Yucatán are easily recognizable to newcomers, others may seem a little more exotic.

Here yet are more of Yucatán’s pan dulce, explained

We are back with 10 more delicious treats straight from Mérida’s best bakeries.

We ate all this pastry to write the ultimate guide to...

People in Yucatán — and across Mexico for that matter — love pan dulce. You would be hard-pressed to find someone in Yucatán who does not enjoy starting its day off with a nice fresh concha or hojaldra, at least once in a while.

The wonderful world of pitaya in Yucatán

Pitaya will soon be plentiful in Yucatan, ready for everything from cheesecake to daiquiris.

Food vendors at Mérida en Domingo make their comeback after a...

After a year’s absence, food vendors have returned to Mérida en Domingo.  Mérida en Domingo is the Plaza Grande's weekly open-air event complete with performances...

Film crew from China documents the secrets of traditional Yucatecan cuisine

A family from Tekax is starring in an episode of a Chinese documentary series focusing on seeds. The series, "Once Upon a Bite," looks at...

A chicken for every pot, plus eggs, for struggling families

Yucatan's state government launches a food security program in Mérida’s incorporated areas known as comisarias.  The program will offer nutritional support to 150,000 families, many...
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