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Rick Bayless’ TV crew hits Mérida

Chef Rick Bayless and his crew have begun filming the 11th season of his TV series, and they will remain in Yucatán for all 13 episodes, bringing tremendous exposure to the region.

Mérida named best gourmet destination

Mérida was called Mexico's Best Gourmet Destination and Rosas & Xocolate in the capital, and Xixim Hotel in Celestún were named best urban hotel, and best ecotourism hotel, respectively.

For Bayless, a record-breaking pig roast

When Chef Rick Bayless returns to Yucatán, he may well be a part of history if a massive cochinita pibil sets a new world record.

Yucatán leads Mexico’s craving for pizza

Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year. Yucatán is leading Mexico's craving for this dish each Sunday.

Rick Bayless filming 13 shows here

Chef Rick Bayless is bringing his TV series "Mexico, One Plate at a Time" back to Yucatán next year. Not for one episode — the entire season.

A good fit for a food-and-wine fundraiser

All the tickets have been sold, but there is a waiting list for A Taste of Mérida at Villa Verde, which is just around the corner.

Soma in the city: A chat with the chef

SUNDAY PROFILE: The paint was barely dry at Soma's new location, yet both of their Thanksgiving seatings sold out quickly. Clearly, it was time to get to know Soma better.

Corn prices spike; are tortillas next?

Corn price hikes could affect the price of tortillas, an essential staple of the local diet, according to the Yucatecan delegation of the National Chamber of Industry and Tortilla Dough.

A vegetarian fest in land of meat-eaters

In meat-centric Yucatán, a vegetarian food fair cut against the grain with more than 50 local and national exhibitors.