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Viewers in Yucatán quick to make fun of botched papadzules

When a chef on a national TV show recently presented some unappetizing papadzules, the audience in Yucatán wasn't having it. The traditional dish was prepared...

Mérida leads way on an initiative to reduce food waste

Mérida is chosen — with Montreal and Washington State's Olympic Peninsula — to spearhead a new initiative to reduce food waste.  North America's Commission for...

Slow Food loses 1/3 of its vendors as a new market...

About 20 out of Slow Food's 60 or so vendors were missing from the Slow Food Market in Garcia Ginerés on Saturday. Instead, they...

Refettorio Mérida finally opens, feeding the hungry in a reclaimed mansion

A community dining room built by renowned chef Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore is finally open in Mérida. Held back eight months...

Salbut festival in Seye celebrates food of Yucatan

Seye, Yucatan — Delicious salbutes with breaded shrimp, queso relleno, pulpo and carne asada can be found at today's Salbut Festival, starting 5 p.m.,...

Vegan convenience store offers economical options

Merida's first vegan convenience store, Solara, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday at Casa del Sol.

Where to dine out in Yucatán for Thanksgiving 2018

Finding turkey and trimmings is a challenge here — but not as much as it used to be.

‘Salt, Fat…’ author heads to Yucatán for a study in citrus

Visiting Mérida and some rural villages, an up-and-coming celebrity chef demonstrates some of Yucatán's culinary traditions to illustrate a basic cooking principle.

Thermomix comes to Yucatán after decades of cult-like status abroad

The Thermomix, a do-it-all kitchen appliance that for years has been hugely popular abroad, is now for sale in Yucatán.

‘An amalgam of South Beach meets 1950s Havana meets the Yucatán’

Mérida chef Roberto Solis has taken his Nectar magic to Atlanta, where diners are finally getting a first look — and taste — of his Yucatán-inspired cuisine.

Massimo Bottura plans chef-run soup kitchen in Mérida, salvaging food waste

One of the world's top chefs will open a refettorio in Mérida to feed chef-prepared meals to those in need.

Her family recipes from Yucatán, served from food truck in LA

Memories of summers in Yucatán have fed a dream to share family recipes prepared a food truck in Los Angeles.

Sibarita gastronomic festival aims to revive an after-dinner tradition

The second edition of the Club Sibarita festival will offer dinners, tastings, conferences and other activities to the White City's most enthusiastic gastronomes.

Recipe for a food festival: Tortas, food trucks and celebrity chefs

Not limited to art and theater, Mérida Fest 2018 is a magnet for celebrity chefs.

Should Mexico declare every March 1 a day for Yucatecan food?

Yucatecan cuisine should be the basis of an annual national celebration, a senator has decreed.

Food writer pronounces these to be Mérida’s 5 best restaurants

No surprises here on yet another list of the "five best restaurants in Mérida."

Mega pib ready for Day of the Dead

Can a gathering of cooks from Kanasín break its own record for the largest pib party possible?

‘Queen’ of cochinita reunites with Rick Bayless at Chicago food fest

One of Mérida's most famous proponents of Yucatecan gastronomy left her heart in Mexico while taking part in a Chicago food festival.

Yucatecan cuisine heads to Denmark for gathering of elite foodies

Packing ample samples of achiote and recado negro, the city's director of tourism heads to Denmark next weekend to join an elite network of global gourmands. 

In its 2nd year, Huevos Motuleños fair draws huge crowds

In two years, a weekend festival celebrating this city's famed breakfast dish attracted tourists from as far away as Mexico City.

Festival honors Motul’s famed huevos motuleños

A city's gift to the culinary world is being celebrated again for the second edition of the Huevos Motuleños Fair.

Gourmet fest with the flavors of Hokol Vuh

A cultural fusion at the Hacienda Aké and the hotel Rosas y Xocolate drew on gastronomic techniques from Yucatán and some of the most recognized chefs in the world.

18 top chefs gather for gastronomic festival

Eighteen of the best chefs in the world have come together to create Hokol Vuh, a gastronomic festival that has garnered international attention.

Mérida joining elite, international gastronomic club

The city is joining an international community of foodie destinations in a move approved by the majority of the mayor's council.
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