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Property taxes in Mérida to increase in 2022

Property taxes across Mérida are about to see a considerable increase. 

Critics point out problems with the government’s COVID-19 food-relief program

Questions arise from alleged inconsistencies regarding Yucatán’s emergency COVID-19 food program. The program handed out nearly 2.5 million packages containing foodstuffs and other everyday necessities...

Carnaval was cancelled, but its committee got paid in full

Despite its cancellation, Méridas's carnaval cost taxpayers over 4 million pesos. The expenses were necessary, said city hall official, Fausto Sánchez López. Most of the money...

Gran Museo Maya running at a deep deficit

Since opening in 2012, The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Merida has been a triumph in many ways, none of them having to do with finances.

The bright side of Mexico’s economy

While oil production is falling, gains in auto production and consumer spending are helping give Mexico the fastest growth among major economies in Latin America and an expansion that's quicker than several large oil producers.

After Castro visit, tourism with Havana?

Among the possible outcomes of Castro's visit to Mérida is a long-sought multi-destination tourist link between Havana and Yucatán.

Castro arrives tonight; expect closures

The Plaza Grande, presidential palace and many streets will be closed as Cuban President Raul Castro begins his visit to Merida today.

Fundación BAI continues advisory role with city

Fundación BAI A.C, and its executive director, Dr. Carlos Cabrera, were appointed by the new city administration to be part of an advisory board.

Pitaya is in bloom; more farmers needed

The backyard of practically every rural Mayan family in Quintana Roo grows dragon fruit, or pitaya, and exports bring income to local families.

Billboards coming down along the Paseo

A citywide crackdown on illegal billboards began last week on the Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, the city Department of Urban Development announced.

State offers hope for ‘Mayan Disneyland’

A massive cultural project at Chichen Itzá has been stalled, but not abandoned, according to officials.
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