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Last chance to exchange your license plates in Yucatán

You have until midnight to exchange your expired license plates for new ones, no more extensions. If you do get fined and your vehicle...

Fideicomisos in Mexico: How do they work?

When the Mexican constitution was written, it specifically prohibited any foreign investor to buy land within 62 miles of any national border or within...

Abusers in Yucatán barred from public office

A new law recently passed in Yucatán would bar men guitly of violence against women from running for office or getting government jobs.

RFC update: Deadline to get tax ID in Mexico extended 6...

Mexico's tax officials have extended their previous July 1 deadline for acquiring an RFC. SAT is now giving residents in Mexico until Jan. 1,...

Judge blocks 7-tower complex in Mérida’s north

Yucatán’s fourth district judge has ruled that the residential complex known as Infinitum is unsustainable.

Mexico bans e-cigarettes, snuffing out the ‘big lie’ about vaping

Vaping is under attack in Mexico under a decree signed Tuesday that outlaws the sale of e-cigarettes. The measure continues Mexico's anti-vaping policy that...

What is the Loop Current and how does it affect hurricanes...

A current of warm tropical water is looping unusually far into the Gulf of Mexico for this time of year, with the power to turn tropical storms into monster hurricanes.

Starbucks forces cafes in Mexico to remove frappuccinos from menus

A law firm representing Starbucks has sent cease and desist letters to cafes across Mexico.

New law to direct funds from fines on political parties to...

Yucatán's congress has approved a new law that will see fines paid by political parties spent on education.

Mexico’s 5-gram marijuana law goes up in smoke

Mexico’s Supreme Court has invalidated a long-standing law that limited recreational marijuana possession to five grams. 

Concern grows that new law designed to combat online harassment will...

Mexico’s legislature recently passed a law allowing individuals to take legal action against online bullying or stalking.  Though the intention of the law is to...

New law in Quintana Roo prohibits putting most wild animals on...

Federal laws protecting wild animals from public exhibitions have long been on the books.

Judge declares illegally obtained Seyé land deeds null and void

A judge in Mérida has ordered investors to return communal land to a Seyé ejido. 

Lawmaker suggests 5 years in prison for stealing limes

A politician in Yucatán is suggesting a stiff punishment for stealing limes — up to five years in prison.  Rep. Raúl Romero did not elaborate...

Mexico has no plan to undo environmental devastation from Mayan Train...

Mexico’s federal transparency agency requires that the Mayan Train project lay out a plan for how it will undo the environmental harm it has created. 

Auction of ancient Mesoamerican artifacts in Paris outrages Mexicans

Controversy grows as two auction houses in Paris prepare to sell 50 pieces of Mesoamerican art.

Student activists say they are being targeted for their role in...

Members of the collective Sororidad Anahuac say that they have been threatened and verbally assaulted both online and in-person for their role in bringing attention to the case. 

10 arrested in Valladolid after illegal cockfights are busted up

Ten people, including at least one minor, were arrested in Valladolid for their involvement in organizing illegal cockfights. 

Students at Mérida’s private Catholic Universities caught trading thousands of explicit...

Numerous students at Mérida’s Anáuac Mayab University are reportedly active in a “secret” chat group to trade intimate photos of classmates, as well as engage in cyberbullying. 

600 acres expropriated in Quintana Roo for new Mayan Train route

Mexico has seized 198 lots of land in Quintana Roo along phase 5 of the Mayan Train's path.

Tulum hotel forbids employees to speak Mayan amongst themselves

Employees at the Copal hotel in Tulum say that they have been told to not speak Mayan among themselves while working. 

Tiger cub discovered inside a box at Mérida’s airport

Yesterday, a trafficked tiger cub was discovered inside a box by Mexico's national guard in Mérida's international airport. 

Influencers on Cancun party flight stranded, branded ‘idiots’ by Canadian PM

A group of Canadian influencers is stranded in Cancun and along Mexico’s Caribbean coast after Sunwing refused to let them board their flight back home. 

New legal challenges to Mayan Train ignored by AMLO’s government

Construction of the Mayan Train’s rail network continues its momentum, despite at least 25 legal injunctions against the project — including two more this week.