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Gay wedding in Progreso is a historic first for Yucatán port...

The coastal city of Progreso celebrated yesterday its very first same-sex wedding under Yucatán’s new marriage equality law. 

Finally, Yucatán approves marriage-equality bill

Yucatán's legislature has passed a new bill making same-sex marriage the law of the land. The new law now defines marriage as being between two...

Yucatán’s LGBTQ+ activists prepare for a new uphill battle

Marriage equality may be the law of the land, but Yucatán’s new highly conservative congress is unlikely to ratify it without a fight.

Allies join the fight for marriage equality in Yucatán

Members and supporters of Yucatán's LGBTQI community gathered yesterday to observe the international day against homophobia.

Yucatán’s marriage-equality fight makes way to the Supreme Court

Mexico's Supreme Court will decide the future of marriage equality in Yucatán.  The case will establish an important precedent on how resolutions made at the...

Yucatan judge dismisses same-sex marriage activists for not proving they...

LGBT+ activists in Yucatan were denied protection by a judge who said he required they prove they are members of that community.

Mass wedding at Xmatkuil fair formalizes 560 relationships

Drawing to a close, the Xmatkuil Fair had one added attraction, in addition to its rides, games and exhibitions. It hosted a wedding.

No referendum on gay marriage or abortion in Yucatan, says legislator

Same-sex marriage and abortion in Yucatan won't be put before the public the way the Mayan Train or Mexico City airport were, a state lawmaker said.

Yucatán’s governor sends marriage equality bill to legislature

With time quickly running out on his administration, Gov. Rolando Zapato Bello quietly sent lawmakers a bill to establish marriage equality in Yucatán.

Supreme Court upholds gay marriage in 3 states

Mexico's Supreme Court upheld same-sex marriage but stopped short of awarding damages to gay and lesbian plaintiffs.

Anti gay-marriage march to be answered with kisses

To counter the Sept. 10 march protesting same-sex marriage, demonstrators will reply with a non-verbal message of their own.

Gay couple allowed to register baby

The child of a same-sex couple was recognized as their legitimate son in the Yucatán state civil registry, a historic first.
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