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Temporary exhibit brings the wonders of Palenque to Mérida

Keep in mind is that the Palenque exhibit is entirely in Spanish, so the use of a smartphone translation tool, or hiring a guide may be a good idea.  

Museum and artisan shops to breathe new life into Mérida’s Ateneo

After years of boarded-up doors and neglect, Mérida’s Ateneo is set to get the TLC it deserves.

The next stop brings new hope for Yucatán’s Railway Museum

El Museo de los Ferrocarriles in the new Gran Parque La Plancha de Mérida will be open to the public at the end of...

New Palacio Cantón exhibit features extraordinary Maya artifacts

Maya religion and cosmology have been the subject of hundreds of investigations over the past century, but there is still much that remains a mystery.

Kids design their own dinosaurs at Progreso’s new meteorite museum

Yucatán’s meteorite museum — formally called the Museo del Meteorito — officially opened Tuesday. It features five mega dinosaur sculptures between eight and nine meters high:...

The history of the noble bicycle in Yucatán celebrated with new...

A new temporary exhibit delving into the history and cultural significance of bicycles in Yucatán has recently opened to the public.

Exploring Casa de los Venados, a private home and museum in...

“We never intended this place to be holding concerts and having groups for fundraisers and giving tours,” John Venator says. “The house made that happen.”

Could plans for the new La Plancha park spell the end...

Mérida's rail museum is across from La Plancha park but is often considered part of the same government-owned property. 

New signs of life for Mérida’s MACAY contemporary art museum

Yucatán’s contemporary art museum, the MACAY, closed its doors on July 28, 2021.

Mérida’s railway museum goes full steam ahead

One of the most under-visited attractions in Mérida is the Museo de Ferrocarriles de Yucatán, Yucatán’s Railway Museum.

Valladolid’s new MUREM museum honors Mexico’s ethnic clothing

For Tey Mariana Stiteler, the museum’s Director, MUREM is a project born from her love of Mexican culture and design.

The MACAY, Yucatán’s only museum of its kind, says goodbye

Yucatán’s contemporary art museum, MACAY, announced that it will close its doors today. The closure, which has been described by the MACAY’s director as symbolic,...

One of the Twin Mansions becomes a private museum

Nearly 110 years after it was built, the public is invited to see inside one of Mérida's palacial Casas Cámara, also known as the...

New museum, Casa Manzanero, pays tribute to famed Yucatecan singer-songwriter

Yucatán's newest tourist and cultural attraction is the Casa Manzanero Museum, dedicated to the 85-year-old Yucatecan singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero. The space, which was inaugurated...

Online petitions urge support for Yucatan Symphony and the MACAY

Two venerable Yucatán cultural institutions — The Fernando García Ponce-MACAY Museum and the Yucatán Symphony, or OSY — are the subject of change.org petitions asking...

Most museums in Merida still closed with no reopening dates set

Although INAH's Palacio Cantonis due to open Thursday, most other museums are still closed without a date to open their doors. Such is the case...

Museum honoring traditional clothing of Mexico opens in Valladolid

Valladolid has been known as a convenient overnight stop when touring someplace more famous, like Chichen Itza. Now it’s also the home of Museo...

Palacio Cantón apologizes, promises reform, after dust-up with gay visitors

A peck on the cheek from one man to another drew the ire of an employee at the Museum of Anthropology in Mérida. Now,...

Old Costco transformed into Leonardo da Vinci’s studio

"The Universe of Leonardo da Vinci" has arrived in Mérida to reveal what the inventor's inventions would have looked like if they were fully...

Palacio Canton museum’s 60th anniversary is celebrated with photos

Merida, Yucatan — A photography exhibit celebrating the Palacio Canton's 60 years as a museum is miles away from the famed Paseo de Montejo...

Forgotten Centro museum has had no visitors since January

Merida, Yucatan — A museum in a prime Centro location has been virtually ignored by the public for months. You can't blame the location. It's flanked...

Ball players locked out as Museum of Light construction begins

100-million-peso attraction will rise at northern tip of La Plancha.

Mundo Maya museum plans for big rebound

Work began after the fall election, when new state appointees deemed the huge complex a white elephant, lacking revenue-making programs.

New museum in Centro celebrates Yucatan’s culinary customs

In Merida's historical center, a new museum demonstrates the ancient ways of the Yucatan kitchen. A replica of a small Mayan village is open to...
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