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Food vendors at Mérida en Domingo make their comeback after a...

After a year’s absence, food vendors have returned to Mérida en Domingo.  Mérida en Domingo is the Plaza Grande's weekly open-air event complete with performances...

Yucatan mayor pays street vendors to stay home

Espita Mayor Josué Castillo sent his city's produce vendors home, but not before buying up their entire inventory. The street stalls and hand carts, many...

Police seek mototaxi driver who stole elderly street vendor’s fruits and...

A mototaxi driver stole all eight boxes of produce that 75-year-old Doña Candelaria Carrillo had planned to sell in Uman, officials there said. "Candita,"...

For street vendors, social distancing is not an option

Merida, Yucatan — For some people, staying home and quarantining is not an option. José Maldonado Dzib and Michelle Ruiz Rodríguez, two street vendors who...

Progreso beach vendors fight city hall, find compromise

Vendors from along the malecon have already achieved some measure of victory while announcing the formation of a new group to protect their interests.

City official compares 3 groups of street vendors to ‘mafia’

Some of the strongest words from a city official in recent memory were directed at illegal street vendors Thursday.

Merida ends street-vendor evictions under new deal

After the city evicted several unlicensed street merchants from the heart of the Merida market area, an organization that represents the vendors negotiated a new deal with municipal officials.

Crackdown targets street vendors on Facebook, WhatsApp

Street vendors are advertising on social media to attract customers, and police have developed a task force to stop them.

Market that never opened seen as key to street vendor dilemma

The Chamber has proposed reviving La Pepita, an unfinished market space built 15 years ago.

Authorities cast a wary eye toward the “chiapanecas”

Mayor Mauricio Vila has gone public with his plea to investigate the "chiapanecas" who approach tourists with textiles for sale.

Mall: City built it, but shoppers won’t come

An elaborate effort to bring street vendors indoors has proven to be a flop, but politicians have asked the current administration not to give up on it.

Fewer vendors crowding city sidewalks

The number of sidewalk vendors in the city center has fallen by 70 percent, and organized flea markets are said to be the reason.

Former street vendors begin life indoors

Mérida City Council today inaugurated the Centro Comercial Popular, which was created to relocate 72 downtown street vendors.

Mayor tours mall built for street vendors

Officials has been trying to peacefully lure the Mérida historic district's street vendors indoors. Here is a look at the marketplace under construction.

Daycare center offered to street vendors

The relocation of street vendors in the historic center involves the opening of a casona-style house for 70 vendors — and daycare for 65 kids.

Holiday vendors crowd the streets

The local Chamber of Commerce has asked municipal authorities to stop issuing permits for street vendors during the Christmas shopping season.
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