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Mérida’s New Electric Bus-Tram Hybrid Hits the Road

The electric Ie-Tram is now connecting La Plancha with the Tren Maya Station in Teya.

Times, Prices, and Everything You Need to Know About the Tren...

The inaugural voyage of the Tren Maya takes place today between Campeche and Cancún’s airport.

Cilcloturixes argue that ‘life is better on a bike’

Cicloturixes have played a vital role in getting new government mobility programs off the ground, including the city's nearly 50 miles of bike lanes as well as improved infrastructure for pedestrians.

Route for Mérida’s new tram network and Mayan Train revealed

Yucatán is planning to add up to 30 electric buses, constructed in the style of a European tram, to Mérida’s public transportation system. The exact...

New ‘come and go’ bus route to simplify rides on Mérida’s...

The new bus route known as the “va y ven,” which translates to “come and go,” began operation on Saturday along the entirety of Mérida’s Periferico circuit.

Mérida begins to clarify its plans for new lanes

Clarifying some confusing new lanes and symbols on the streets, Merida's City Hall has placed a series of informational panels along Paseo de Montejo.  The...

State regulators take note of teens’ Chuber app

After a pair of teenagers developed an app for passengers to hail a mototaxi, the state has stepped in to regulate it.

Bus system slow to improve, but apps help riders navigate the...

Admitting that public transportation here leaves a lot to be desired, Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal asked the state to implement the Comprehensive Urban Transportation System (Situr) as soon as possible.

Tampa-Progreso link is reality — for cargo

Linea Peninsular has added a weekly container service linking Port Tampa Bay in Florida with Yucatán's port of Progreso.

Daily Mérida-Miami flights to begin in September

Add Miami to the list of direct international flights from the Mérida International Airport.

Mérida-Villahermosa direct flights to begin

On Friday, the Mexico City-basd airline Aeromar will start regular operations from Monday to Saturday between Merida and Villahermosa to facilitate business travel.

Peninsula link for northern Ontario

Aside from new direct flights to Veradero, Cuba, Sunwing has added Cancun, Mexico to its Thunder Bay, Ontario, schedule just in time for Christmas this year.

State launches new bus system

A state-run bus system begins in January, introducing the Integrated Urban Transport System, or Situr, to commuters in Mérida.
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