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Luggage fees get airlines in hot water with Mexican authorities

Five airlines are being punished for violating consumer rights, said Mexico’s consumer-protection agency.

No more cash payments to border customs agents

As of today, travelers arriving in Mexico will no longer be able to use cash at the customs desk.

Mexico sues 3 airlines for luggage fees; Volaris fights back

Profeco, Mexico's Federal Consumer Attorney's Office, is suing Aeroméxico, Volaris and Interjet for charging passengers for their first checked suitcase on fights to the U.S. and Canada.

Red tape grounds U.S. flights to Mérida, Cancun

Newly initiated flights from Los Angeles and Miami have been canceled, disrupting travel plans for thousands of travelers, while airlines await approval from Mexican authorities.

Southwest links LA to Cancun with direct flights

Already making huge strides in Mexico market over the past two years, Southwest Airlines now has direct flights from Los Angeles to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

9 out of 10 tourists in survey happy with Mérida

A study by the University of Yucatán reported that nine of every 10 tourists who visit Merida are satisfied with the destination. Nearly all would come back.

Weekend Mexico City-Mérida flights sold out

This weekend's Hanal Pixán activities have stimulated air travel from the nation's capital. So much so that flights to Mérida from Mexico City have sold out through Sunday.

Lonely Planet ranks Mérida among world’s best cities

Lonely Planet's list of the world's must-see travel destinations puts Mérida among cities such as Los Angeles and Seoul.

Miami-Mérida flights coming a week early

American Airlines' new Miami-Mérida route is coming earlier than expected.

Airline passengers get virtual side trip to Yucatán

The tourism promotion campaign "Yucatán ven por todo” happens high up in the sky.

American Airlines to add direct Mérida-Miami flight

Starting Nov. 6, American Airlines will join Aeroméxico in offering direct flights between Mérida and Miami, Fla.

The 10 sweetest destinations in Mexico

Mexico offers a range of sugary confections that are the envy of the world. Here's where to go to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The votes are in: Mérida’s top 7 cultural treasures

The people have spoken, and their list of seven top cultural treasures has a heavy favorite: The Cathedral.

T&L poll: Mérida is a top-5 Latin American city

The White City ranked high — as did many cities in Mexico — in a Travel & Leisure "World's Best Awards 2016" survey.

A walk through a forest of fireflies

A summertime jaunt isn't necessarily a trip to the beach. Right now we're in the middle of a three-month window to explore the Sanctuary of the Fireflies at Tlaxcala.

Daily Mérida-Miami flights to begin in September

Add Miami to the list of direct international flights from the Mérida International Airport.

A Yucatán adventure for 200 young globetrotters

If you've wondered about those large packs of fresh-faced tourists in matching t-shirts, here's their story.

Crocodile farm continues despite struggles

Ten full-time volunteers at Rio Lagartos have a long-term vision of making a living by harvesting crocodiles.

Tourism helps families far from tourist zones

A tourist who feels guilty about the level of need in Mexico may ask, "Am I actually doing this country any good?" The short answer is "yes."

Coloring book is a walk on Mexico’s gentle side

The pair behind the travel blog Wandertooth have published an adult coloring book depicting the vibrant streets and landscapes of Mexico, Mérida included.

Large increase in Mérida tourists so far this year

More tourists visited Yucatán in the first quarter of the year, with significant increases throughout the state, with one notable exception.

Thousands travel far for Mérida hospitals

Every year, 35,000 nationals from Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo come here for highly specialized services, such as treatment for diabetes or cancer.

Expats welcome in Cultural Capital logo contest

Mérida has initiated an open call for a 2017 “Cultural Capital of the Americas" logo, and expats living here five years or longer are invited to compete.

Heady days for Mérida’s international airport

Interjet begins direct flights today from Mérida to Havana and Aeroméxico announced it will link Mérida with daily direct flights to two important domestic destinations starting July 1.