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Mexico’s tree-planting program actually results in less forest in Yucatán

A trail through the rain forest leads to the ruins Sayil, part of the pre-Hispanic Town of Uxmal. Photo: Getty

A block on Calle 60 is suddenly tree-lined, a taste of...

Calle 60 outside the Teatro Peón Contreras and UADY’s Centro campus is narrowed to allow for one lane of traffic and...

Ceiba tree spared, moved elsewhere as airport expansion overtakes green space

A huge ceiba tree, considered sacred in many cultures, was transplanted rather than chopped down at the Merida International Airport. Photo:...

Majestic trees at Merida airport chopped down as green gives way...

Giant trees at the Merida airport, where the sounds of countless grackles could be heard by travelers, have been chopped down...

Lethal bacteria from Yucatan threatens palm trees in U.S., Caribbean

A palm tree shades beachgoers in Key Biscayne, Fla. Photo: AP A fatal bacteria that originated in Yucatan...

Scientists who ensured healthy forests are fired, lab shut down

Luis Gerardo Herrera Tuz ran Yucatán's seed laboratory. Photo: Courtesy The Yucatan Peninsula's natural treasures are at risk...

Fallen palm creates huge mess in Parque Hidalgo

Strong winds that accompanied Wednesday afternoon's rains took down more large trees across the state.

Santa Lucia church loses its majestic shade tree

Heavy rains have toppled a majestic flowering tree that had graced Santa Lucia church for decades.

Merida to crack down on vandals who cut down trees

Higher fines to match 2015 sanction against Prolongacion car dealership.

How to plant a tree on the streets of Merida

Restoring the concrete jungle to one that's leafy and green takes some strategy.

President’s reforestation plan aims to restore cacao and coffee production

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced a reforestation program across southern Mexico. Photo: Courtesy Fruit and timber trees will...

Bring back Yucatán’s fruit trees, science researcher urges

The age-old tradition of planting fruit-bearing or flowering trees in the backyard is due for a revival, said a researcher at the Center for Scientific Research of Yucatan (CICY).

Combining science and art, new book explores Yucatán’s native palm trees

After more than 20 years of research, a retired biologist has released a vividly illustrated book devoted to Yucatán's palm trees.

Dying tree in store’s parking lot becomes a symbol

One little tree surrounded by acres of cement isn't going without a fight.

Crowdfunding project will make Santa Ana park a greener space

A young entrepreneur is holding an online fundraiser to bring more trees to Santa Ana park. 

La Plancha neighbors were way ahead of everybody else in creating...

Three years ago, neighbors mobilized and planted 100 trees on the perimeter of La Plancha. All that work has paid off.

Eco-roundup: Vandalized trees replaced, mobile recycling units begin

The vandal who cut down a row of 16 trees in on Avenida Líbano is still at large, but new trees have replaced the ones he destroyed. Also, the city has launched five mobile recycling stations.

After tree massacre in north, possible suspect captured on camera

Police looking for whoever chopped down a row of freshly planted trees have taken an interest in surveillance photos of a man running down the street.

Vandal cuts 16 chaká trees along Avenida Líbano

For apparently the fourth time in this area, a row of chaká trees meant to shade Avenida Líbano have been crudely cut down by a vandal.

400,000 trees to be cut down, then replaced, under city program

Starting in the Centro Histórico, the city is preparing to cut down about 400,000 sick trees. That represents roughly 17 percent of the municipality's 2.3 million trees.

‘Adopt a Tree’ program takes root in urban Mérida

The  city's "Adopt a Tree" program accounts for more than half the plantings completed under the municipal green infrastructure plan.

Public urged to report trees at risk of toppling

If it's a matter of safety, the city might agree to remove an ailing tree at no charge.

City to replace Centro trees, recommends suitable species

The City Council is poised to announce a plan to remove and replace some of the oldest arboles in public spaces here.

60,000 trees planted in 14 months; new goal set at 20,000...

For the 60,000th tree planted under the Municipal Green Infrastructure Plan, Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal grabbed a shovel.