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Valladolid’s Tren Maya Station to Open in January 2024

Tickets in the direction to Campeche and Cancún are now on sale at the station in Valladolid,

The future of Xcaret’s new theme park in Valladolid remains uncertain

Construction at Xibalba theme park on the outskirts of Valladolid has been completed for some time now. Yet there is no firm date for the...

International light festival will shine on Yucatán

Mexico’s international light festival, or FILUX, has set its sights on Yucatán once again.

Out-of-control fire rages through Valladolid garbage dump

A large fire that broke out Sunday morning continued to burn today despite the efforts of city and state fire departments.  The tightly packed garbage...

Once Yucatán’s ‘second city,’ Valladolid is booming and now is the...

Valladolid has long had the reputation of being Yucatán’s second city, though in terms of population it has long been dwarfed by municipalities on Mérida’s periphery, such as Kanasín. 

After 4-month pause, Valladolid’s video mapping show is back

Four months ago, a strong gust of wind and power surge damaged Valladolid’s video mapping show projectors.

10 arrested in Valladolid after illegal cockfights are busted up

Ten people, including at least one minor, were arrested in Valladolid for their involvement in organizing illegal cockfights. 

Torch runners complete pilgrimages for the Virgin of Guadalupe

Police asked motorists to be careful driving around the countless pilgrimages underway this weekend as the faithful carry out a time-honored Guadalupe-Reyes tradition. The...

Uayma is an architectural gem in Yucatán’s east

The town is well known for its beautifully adorned 17th-century church but is not frequented by many tourists.

Mayor of Valladolid requests restoration of abandoned Catholic churches

In a press conference, he explained that the churches of San Servacio and The Candelaria are part of the tourist offer of the city, so it must be a priority to keep them in good condition.

Valladolid’s new MUREM museum honors Mexico’s ethnic clothing

For Tey Mariana Stiteler, the museum’s Director, MUREM is a project born from her love of Mexican culture and design.

Mayapán’s agave spirits are delicious — just don’t call them tequila

Distilleries in Yucatán are not allowed to designate their blue agave beverage tequila, but in reality, it is tequila in all but name.

Uayma’s famous church gets a new lease on life thanks to...

Failing to get help from Yucatán's state government, the caretaker of Uayma's former Santo Domingo de Guzmán convent directly petitioned Mexico's president for aid. It...

Near Valladolid, more hotels, shops and tourist attractions

Aside from a privately owned theme park already underway, Yucatán's state government announced 1.5 billion pesos would be invested by 17 companies in various...

New Xcaret theme park to open in Yucatán by December

Xibalba park will feature a circuit of eight cenotes connected by an artificial flowing river.

Good news: Over 65’s to be vaccinated without an appointment

COVID-19 vaccines in Valladolid, Motul and Conkal are being administered even without prior appointments.  It is unclear if this policy will apply to Yucatán's larger...

8th coronavirus death as temporary hospital reportedly rises in Valladolid

Saturday's COVID-19 death was a first for the colonial city of Valladolid, said Mayor Enrique Ayora Sosa. The victim was a 68-year-old man who...

Museum honoring traditional clothing of Mexico opens in Valladolid

Valladolid has been known as a convenient overnight stop when touring someplace more famous, like Chichen Itza. Now it’s also the home of Museo...

Valladolid theater projected to open in 2020

Work has resumed on the first modern performing arts theater in Yucatan to be built outside Merida.

Inside an intimate, well-planned destination wedding in Valladolid

Paulina Ortega and Clark Kent Koga met in the Philippines and live in Australia. But they chose Valladolid, Yucatan for their destination wedding.

A tale of 2 Yucatan restaurants, by a visiting critic from...

Vancouver Sun restaurant columnist Mia Stainsby concluded a visit to Naples, Fla., with a hop over the Gulf of Mexico for some food.

Coqui Coqui founders convert their Valladolid home into a boutique hotel

After adding boho chic flair across the Yucatan, fashion model Nicolas Malleville and designer Francesca Bonato have left the Peninsula for Bora Bora.

Pile on the panuchos at Valladolid’s 1st-ever festival

An excuse to indulge in one of the region’s most succulent bean-filled snacks, the first-ever Valladolid Panucho Festival is Saturday, March 30.

Yucatan stimulus package reduces taxes up to 100%

Merida, Yucatan —  To encourage more infrastructure investment and tourism services in interior of the state, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal signed a fiscal stimulus...