5 men die from coronavirus, hospitalizations down slightlyCoronavirus

A May 12 state health ministry map shows how coronavirus infections are distributed in Yucatan.

Five men died and 35 new coronavirus cases were detected, Yucatan health authorities reported in Tuesday’s end-of-day briefing.

Total infections in the state have reached 891, with 80 deaths so far. Another 532 patients recovered, including 31 in the last 24 hours. Most current patients, today numbering 177, are at home in stable condition but under quarantine. That leaves 102 patients still in the hospital, two fewer than reported Monday.

A 40-year-old Merida man, who suffered from obesity, died, as did a 49-year-old Merida man with a history of diabetes and hypertension; a 33-year-old Sanahcat man; a 78-year-old man from Nucuche, Espita; and a 52-year-old Tecoh man with hypertension and who smoked. None of the deceased’s contacts are exhibiting symptoms of the virus, the health ministry’s spokeswoman said.

Of the new cases, 16 are from Merida, three from Kanasín, four from Valladolid, two each from Acanceh, Maxcanú and Umán, in addition to one case each in Hocabá, Kaua, Muna and Progreso.

Expat identified

Morgan Sharp. Photo: Facebook

The identity of the first expat in Yucatan to succumb to the virus was made apparent today on social media. Well-wishers came forward to comfort the family of Morgan Sharp, 81, a retired financial advisor and active musician who divided his time between Progreso and Uxbridge, Ontario, with his wife Diane Roblin-Lee.

He had been in serious condition for at least a month, Facebook posts from friends indicate.

Hospital protest

Relatives of kidney dialysis patients staged a protest outside the Issste Regional Hospital in Merida’s Pensiones neighborhood to demand that their family members not be mixed with patients with COVID-19.

They charged that the hospital does not have protocols to avoid more infections, and patients are sharing the same spaces and machines.

Protestors said the hospital director was dismissive of their complaints.

The hospital is now being protected by National Guard personnel.

Helping survivors with costs

Starting Wednesday morning, the Yucatan state government covers administrative costs up to 365 pesos for anyone who dies from COVID-19. Death certificates and other bureaucratic fees are covered.

With information from Sipse.

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