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El Conde: A Palace Fit for Kings in the Mexica Heartland

The Temple of el Conde is believed to have reached the zenith of its splendor in the 14th Century under the reign of the Tlatoani Tezozóoc

Jaguars, sacrifice, and power in the virtually unknown ancient city of...

The centuries have not been kind to Acaquilpan, yet its wonders shine through.

From pre-history to the modern day, the ‘Aztec shield’ never ceases...

The name of this Chilmahuacán translates as the place of the shields, a fact which is reflected by the many stone-carved shields found at the site and its surroundings. 

Despite its grandeur, the ancient city of Acozac eludes travelers

Acozac was first investigated by the INAH in the 1970s during an urban expansion project and the construction of a golf club.

Acatitlán: The Mexica-Aztec city of the mighty war god

The exquisitely preserved ruins of the ancient city of Acatitlán are just a short drive from Mexico City. 

Tlatelolco: A story of violence, sacrifice, and the birth of modern...

Tlatelolco is fairly unique among archaeological sites in Mexico, as both its ancient and contemporary histories evoke intense feelings.

Cuicuilco — forged in stone and destroyed by lava

Built in the 8th century BCE, Cuicuilco is one of the most ancient settlements in all of Mesoamerica. 

The imposing Toltec capital of Tula and its mighty stone warriors

Better known as Tula, Tollan-Xicocotitlan was the capital city of the Toltec state in the post-classic period. 

Built by the Chichimeca and conquered by the Aztecs, Tenayuca has...

Tenayuca was a major regional power during the post-classic period and exhibits an architectural style heavily reminiscent of Teotihuacán.

Xochicalco, the grand yet often overlooked heir of Teotihuacán

Given its great size and location near the Colonial city of Cuernavaca, Xochicalco has long held a fascination for lovers and antiquity, and unlike many other great Mesoamerican cities was never truly "lost".

Construction in Mexico City’s subway uncovers new archaeological finds

Recent construction work on Mexico City’s subway system has given way to the discovery of several ancient artifacts.

El Templo Mayor, the great Aztec palace in the heart of...

Remains of the high temple of the of Tenochtitlan are located in what today is the heart of one of the world's largest urban areas — Mexico City.

Teotihuacán, the enigmatic city at the center of the universe

The grandeur of Teotihuacán is hard to overstate. It is easy to understand why their cultural descendants, the famed Aztecs, thought the great city lay at the center of the universe itself.
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