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Cinemex closes its cinemas in Gran Plaza, for good

Cinema marquees go dark for good at the Gran Plaza Cinemex. Photo: Courtesy Like in most parts of...

In a first for Yucatán, Tesla opens new dealership in Mérida

The new Mérida location is the fourth for the automaker in Mexico, which has two dealerships in Mexico City and another in Guadalajara.

Hospitality industry in Yucatán braces for another slow summer

Yucatán's hospitality industry says it expects hotel occupancy rates to reach a maximum of around 50% over the summer season.

34 business shut down in Playa del Carmen over new COVID-19...

Affected business owners and administrators say that shutting down by 11 pm renders their businesses unviable, and will lead to permanent closures and layoffs.

New pig farm threatens cenotes and indigenous communities in Yucatán

Environmentalists argue that the construction of a large industrial pig farm within Yucatán’s Cenote Ring could create disastrous levels of contaminants.

Good news for Mérida’s traditional city markets

Mérida is easing restrictions on city markets in hopes of getting the economy moving again. City markets will now...

Sky high: Construction begins on Yucatán’s 1st true skyscraper

The 160-meter tall skyscraper is expected to complete construction by December 2023. Photo: Courtesy. Sky Capital, a Mérida-based...

Four businesses shut down for not following COVID-19 guidelines

Among the Mérida businesses shut down is a branch of the Starbucks coffee chain. Photo: File Authorities in...

Oxxo to open 100 more stores in Yucatán. Is that a...

There are approximately 20,000 Oxxo’s across México already, but the brand continues to expand. Photo: File Oxxo will...

Business meetings to make a comeback at 30% capacity

Yucatan's secretary general and industry representatives discuss plans to responsibly reactivate the economy. Photo: File Haciendas, hotels and...

‘Agrarian mafia’: Communal farms steadily give way to big business

Communal land near Aké in Yucatán. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht The authors of a report on...

His B&B interrupted, ‘The Shirtless Baker’ offers English muffins instead

If anyone would have told Patrick Greenwood, aka “The Shirtless Baker,” 10 years ago that he would...

Looser rules for restaurants, alcohol sales to begin Sept. 1

An economic reactivation pact is signed in Yucatan, loosening rules on restaurants, alcohol sales and other activity during the coronavirus pandemic....

Bing Bang Kitchen returns with a brand new business model

Merida, Yucatan — A recent report published online stated that upwards to 4,000 businesses in the Yucatan were...

55 businesses suspended for not following contingency regulations

A Merida paint store is among 55 businesses closed in Yucatan after inspectors determined that health precautions were not followed. Photo:...

As economy stalls, Yucatan Today finds advantages in going digital

We had the pleasure of having a conversation with Andrea Mier y Terán Abbott, director of the iconic...

Yucatan risks losing more than 47,000 companies to the pandemic

Restaurants, hotels and other service businesses are among the most endangered in Yucatan these days, according to a new study. Photo:...

A ‘very scary time’ for expat entrepreneurs in Yucatan

Pre-pandemic non-social-distancing at Hennessy’s Irish Pub, which now delivers meals house to house. The restaurant, which has been open nine years,...

Yucatán maintains 1st-place rank in industrial growth

Yucatán continues to be Mexico's most dynamic in a survey tracking industrial growth.

Dress shop ignores shut-down notices after noise complaint

City officials took the unusual step of shutting down a shop over a noise complaint. Or at least they thought they shut it down.

Businesses last longer in Yucatán, compared to neighbors

The average life span of a business in Yucatán is 9.1 years, but only five years in Quintana Roo and 7.4 in Campeche, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Shiny new tower rising on the Prolongación

MID Center will rise along the Prolongación Montejo, towering over the Krispy Kreme donut shop, when construction begins this year.

Yucatán enters Special Economic Zone

A repeated demand of the Yucatecan business sector is at last reality: Yucatán joined the Special Economic Zone.

Opinion: Progress tempered with challenges

A Mexico City business writer visits Progreso for Easter and finds a lot of potential for investors.