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Out-of-control fire rages through Valladolid garbage dump

Fires are common in Yucatán between March and May, and the problem only seems to be getting worse every year. Photo:...

ADO bursts into flames on route to Cancún from Mérida over...

An ADO passenger bus on its way to Cancún from Mérida suddenly burst into flames.

Another bus catches fire in Mérida, raising safety concerns

A short circuit in the electrical systems of a passenger bus has been blamed for yet another fire on Mérida’s roads. 

Bus full of construction workers catches fire in Mérida’s north

A bus went up in flames just before 8 this morning in Mérida’s Francisco de Montejo neighborhood.

Fire damages Izamal’s famous Kinich restaurant

The large palapa at Kinich burned Wednesday morning, damaging Izamal's most famous restaurants. Photos: Contributed A short circuit...

Young man says he is ‘no hero’ after saving disabled neighbor...

At just 18, Heider Alexander Cruz Reyes, is being hailed as a hero by his community after saving a disabled neighbor from a fire in his home.

Playa del Carmen hit by smoke from nearby fires

Residents and tourists in Playa del Carmen awoke this morning to find the resort town covered in smoke.

Air quality likely to suffer, as the agricultural burning season starts

Controlled agricultural fires date back thousands of years in Yucatán, but sometimes they rage out of control. Photo: File

Mérida’s Centro filled with smoke from warehouse fire

Police video shows smoke billowing Tuesday from a downtown fire in Mérida. Photo: SSP Authorities evacuated several smoke-filled...

Fire in Tulum forces evacuation of 1,000 people

Fire rages in Tulum´s Hotel Zone on Wednesday night. Photo: Image Capture from video source A fire that...

Fruit juice stand catches fire at Santa Ana market

A fruit-juice vendor’s stall in Santa Ana market caught fire Thursday. Photo: Sipse Santa Ana market was closed...

Lightning strike burns palapa roof in Progreso

Lightning caused a fire in a house located on the Uaymitún-Telchac Puerto highway. Photo: Punto Medio Lightning struck...

Merida wakes up to the smell of a pork processing plant...

A fire Sunday morning at a Keken meat processing plant sent smoke for miles. Ashes fell in the Centro. Photo: Punto...

Air in Yucatan fouled by smoky fires near and far

Photo: NOAA The haze that settled over Yucatan on Thursday is not necessarily from your neighbor burning trash...

Fire wrecks food stalls at Lucas de Galvez

Three all-night food stalls were destroyed early Saturday when a gas leak caused a fire at the Lucas de Galvez market.

Fire consumes 500 acres at Celestun Biosphere Reserve

A huge fire is under control at the Celestun Biosphere Reserve

2nd fire at Sian Ka’an linked to poachers

Firefighters at the Sian Ka'an Biosphere reserve use helicopters to control another conflagration there. Photo: Sema Chetumal, Quintana...

Sian Ka’an fire mostly under control after burning 6,000 acres

About 124 firefighters have brought the Sian Ka'an reserve fire under control. Photo: Facebook After spreading across over...

Sian Ka’an fire spreads to more than 6,000 acres

A fire in the Sian Ka'an nature has spread to more than 6,000 acres.

10 fires flare up daily in hot, arid Yucatan

Amid "fire season" on the Peninsula, citizens are asked to avoid burning garbage.

Smoke in kitchen forces evacuation at La Isla

Smoke from a kitchen fryer sent customers and workers to the La Isla parking lot on Thursday.

Gas line blamed for fire at Parque Hidalgo

A fire at Parque Hidalgo was brought under control before causing any major damage at the Teatro Fantasio.

Fire quickly destroys city bus in the Centro

Passengers escaped a fire that destroyed an entire city bus in the Centro on Friday.

Altabrisa Sanborns fire controlled quickly, but forces mall to close for...

Just as the store was preparing for Dia del Niño celebrations, a short circuit in Sanborns' toy and candy department started a fire that forced the entire Plaza Altabrisa mall to close down on Sunday.