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Controversial Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá is approved

After almost a year and-a-half of planning, organizers obtained conditional approval to hold the Armando Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá on Feb. 3.

Cinépolis plans to build movie complex in Centro Histórico

Cinépolis has purchased a three-story building in the historic center which they plan to remodel and bring "vitality to one of the most neglected areas of the Centro."

Underwater remnants of 18th, 19th-century life found off Sisal’s coast

A local fishermen has led archaeologists to remains belonging to an 18th-century Dutch warship and a 19th-century British steamboat, as well as an old lighthouse, deep under the Gulf of Mexico.

Protesters want Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá canceled

About 100 union workers at INAH are protesting the upcoming Armando Manzanero concert at Chichén Itzá, saying that the Mayan archaeological site should not be used for commercial purposes.

Drone photographer at Chichén Itzá in hot water

The photographer who flew his drone over Chichén Itzá early one morning will answer to authorities who are taking legal action against him.

Secret passageway discovered under Kukulkán temple

A secret passageway discovered under Temple of Kukulkan in Chichén Itzá could shed new light on ancient Maya beliefs.

Centro sidewalk project nearly completed

The Centro's notoriously difficult sidewalks are getting better and better, block by block.

Facelifts for 228 more Centro facades in next 5 months

After a summer break, the second stage of the current downtown facade rescue program heads north toward Parque Santa Ana.

At Mayapán, 2,000 unexplored structures and 100 cenotes detected

INAH has found unexplored 19 pre-Hispanic sites containing a combined 2,000 structures buried underground at Mayapán.

After delay by INAH, Hotel Mérida finally open for business

Redecorated and updated from pillar to post, the historic Hotel Mérida has re-opened after being boarded up for nine years.

Utility companies coordinate with Centro maintenance program

The water company, the electric company, and the phone and cable company are joining the city's "permanent maintenance program" in the Centro Histórico.

Canadian couple hands over cache of Mayan artifacts

A Canadian couple living here has released 179 archaeological pieces — from ancient vessels to stone pedestals — to the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Chichén Itzá a concert venue again? Not so fast

Since 2012, when the current state administration stepped in, officials have held off allowing sites like Chichén Itzá be used as a backdrop for a musical performance.

City to demolish house that partially collapsed in rain storm

The city has been granted permission to demolish an abandoned Centro mansion that partially collapsed into the street on Saturday.

Illegal renovations an ongoing issue with historic buildings

Scores of work sites at historic buildings in the Centro regularly get shut down by INAH when restoration plans are too aggressive or weren't improved by INAH.

Ancient skeleton found in cenote leaves clues about ancestors

The 12,000-year-old remains of a girl known as Naia, recovered from a cenote in Yucatan 10 years ago, still yields new understanding of our ancestors.

Fewer Centro buildings at risk of collapse

Since 1995, the city has performed restoration work on 1,000 of the 3,900 historic properties in the Centro.

Yucatecan kids in U.S. use time off to explore roots

A Yucatecan family living in Texas illustrates a wider trend in which parents send their children to Mexico to connect them to their culture.

Archeologist: Wind farms could damage Mayan sites

A wind farm project in Progreso has an INAH archaeologist concerned about the effect it may have on archeological sites from Flamboyanes to Chicxulub Pueblo.

In historic pink hotel, a much older archaeological find

While renovations creep along at the old Hotel Mérida, a Mayan relic it once displayed will be loaned to the Palacio Cantón for an exhibit.

Serious damage discovered at Dzibilchaltún site

Cracks, fissures and even some detached elements are signs of wear after countless years of exposure to both the elements and to tourists.

Centro hotel shut down, owners facing charges

Facing San Juan Park, a new boutique hotel called Mansion Mansión Lavanda has been shut down for allegedly operating without proper permits.

For Historic Center, new lights and fresh paint

The city will replace 430 street lights in the Historic Center as the 21st annual facade-rescue program begins.

Priest-architect to lead Mérida Cathedral renovation

The Cathedral of Mérida will be overhauled. Aside from roof repairs and new lighting, its magnificent crucifix at the altar will be carefully cleaned.
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