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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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New all-time passenger record at Mérida airport

Mérida's international airport has registered nearly a quarter of a million passengers in a single month, an all-time record. 

Mérida airport schedules 54 flights for Mother’s Day

Airport authorities in Mérida report that 54 different flights are scheduled for Mérida’s airport this Mother's Day.

Work on new Mérida airport to begin in April

That new Mérida airport went from trial balloon to the construction phase awfully fast. Work on the site begins at the end of April. Francisco...

Marines to take over security at Mérida and Cancún airports

Mexico's Marines will be taking control of seven airports across the country, with  Mérida and Cancún among them. 

Tiger cub discovered inside a box at Mérida’s airport

Yesterday, a trafficked tiger cub was discovered inside a box by Mexico's national guard in Mérida's international airport. 

WestJet flights between Toronto and Mérida make a comeback

After nearly two years, the Canadian airline WestJet has begun to operate direct flights between Mérida and Toronto once again. The first of several scheduled...

Animal trafficking at Mérida’s airport shows no signs of slowing down

It would seem that despite the consequences, smugglers have not been dissuaded from trafficking live animals through Mérida’s airport. 

Turtle discovered inside a suitcase at Mérida’s airport

A land turtle was found inside a cardboard box within a suitcase at the Mérida international airport.

Thick fog strands hundreds of frustrated travelers in Mérida’s airport

Flight delays left hundreds of travelers stranded in Mérida's airport Tuesday night. 

Latin America’s first Airbus helicopter academy to open in Mérida

The academy will be the first of its type in Latin America and is slated to begin operations in January 2022.

Mérida’s new far-flung airport will be less convenient and cost more

According to federal infrastructure plans, the new airport will be located in the tiny community of Poxilá which has a population of under 1,000.

Mérida will replace its airport with a new one, governor confirms

Mérida's international airport, which has recently undergone an extensive expansion and multiple renovations, will be replaced by a larger one outside of the city,...

Mérida’s airport begins to recover lost ground

Traffic continues to increase at Mérida’s Manuel Crescencio Rejón international airport. The airport received an average of 5,200 passengers a day during the month of April.

New Mérida airport likely to cost over 10 billion pesos

Despite recent expansions at MID, Yucatán's state government is still considering a new airport for Mérida. Industry insiders have speculated that the cost of the...

More tourists flocking to Yucatán as Easter holidays approach

Airport traffic has risen dramatically in advance of the Easter holidays. The Mérida airport administrator, Óscar Carrillo Maldonado, said that incoming flights this weekend...

Smuggled bees seized at Mérida airport

The National Guard at the Mérida international airport seized 189 bee specimens illegally shipped in a parcel. African bees, queens and workers were found...

Mérida airport to offer US travelers rapid COVID tests

The Mérida international airport has a Plan B for American travelers who overlooked US screening rules. Air passengers need to prove they recently tested negative...

Unpaid Interjet workers go on strike at Merida airport

Hanging red-and-black employee union flags at Merida's Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport, workers for the beleaguered Interjet airline staged a labor strike to demand back...

United’s ‘Star Wars’ plane lands at Mérida airport

Fans of the "Star Wars" franchise may want to book a trip to Houston this morning. United Airlines' regular Texas flight will be on...

Merida airport adds $89.99 flights to California in January

Flights to Oakland, California with a stopover in Mexico City will begin Jan. 18, Yucatan tourist officials said. The route is being planned by...

Travel between Merida and Toronto just got a little more arduous

WestJet's flights taking travelers directly from Toronto to Merida have vanished without explanation. The low-cost airline's seasonal route was to begin Nov. 27, but...

Pink flamingos found illegally packed in crates at Merida airport

Traffickers tried to steal six pink flamingos, packed into three wooden boxes found later at the Merida airport, authorities told local media. Five of...

Governor: Alternate Merida airport under formal discussion

Never mind that the Merida international airport is undergoing a massive expansion. A new billion-peso international airport is under formal talks between state officials...

Merida airport expansion will allow travelers to keep a healthy distance

The Merida airport's expansion comes just in time for the social distancing era. The Merida Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport has started to open new,...