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Can solar panels help save Yucatán’s ‘tienditas’?

The Yucatán small-business chamber of commerce is offering independent shop owners the opportunity to purchase solar panels through a new program.

CFE to invest billions to improve Yucatán’s energy infrastructure

Large CFE facility on Mérida’s Periferico. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht The CFE announced that it will...

Mexico to build 2 new power plants in Yucatán

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced yesterday that his government is committed to building two new power plants in Yucatán.

Power cuts planned today in areas around Altabrisa, Country Club

The electricity commission is continuing its planned power cuts while it maintains its infrastructure. This time, the CFE...

New power outages scheduled for Yucatán

The CFE has announced that they will be interrupting service across the Yucatán Peninsula for scheduled maintenance.

Frustrated residents protest power outage by blocking traffic

Four days after tropical storm Grace battered the Yucatán Peninsula, thousands of residents are still without electricity. 

After blackouts, CFE will build 2 new power plants in Yucatán

The new CFE power plants are expected to be completed by 2024 and are intended to bring an end to blackouts...

Big business in Mexico moves toward ditching dirty CFE power

Massive privately owned solar power array near Progreso, Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy Many of Mexico's biggest companies including Bimbo...

Governor: The CFE must do more to avoid power outages

Yucatán’s governor called upon the CFE to improve its service and avoid blackouts. Photo: Courtesy Yucatán Gov. Mauricio...

CFE not happy with the growth of solar panels in Yucatán

Small businesses all over Yucatán have invested heavily in solar panels, but the CFE does not seem to be happy about...

People in Merida’s north hit with nighttime power failures

Power outages are a common occurrence in Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy Power outages in northern Mérida caused anger among...

More CFE meters dredged from the bottom of a cenote

Volunteers cleaning the cenote found 95 CFE electrical meters but said that more could still be down there. Photo: Courtesy.

García Ginerés residents fed-up with constant power outages

A resident in García Ginerés expresses his contempt for the electric utility after multiple power interruptions. Photo: La Jornada Maya

AMLO gets his way: Thanks to new law, the CFE to...

Critics of a new electricity generation reform in Mexico argue that it will disincentivize the production of renewable energy. Photo: File

CFE’s ‘scheduled’ power cuts hit Yucatán without warning

The CFE argues that power outages in Yucatán were planned, despite not giving prior warning. Photo: File Mexico’s...

CFE, love it or leave it: Get ready to pay more...

Amid rate increases, blackouts and aging infrastructure, electricity consumers in Yucatán wonder where all the money is going. Photo: File

CFE reports 242 of its workers died from COVID-19

CFE worker making repairs to electric meter. Photo: File Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission, the CFE, reported that 242...

CFE admits submitting falsified evidence after massive blackout

Manuel Bartlett, head of Mexico's CFE power utility. Photo: File The CFE acknowledged Tuesday that it provided falsified...

Power grid fails for over 10m people across Mexico

Despite reassurances from the CFE, many question the ability of the power company to deliver reliable service. Photo: Stock

After months of resistance, Yucatan wind park moves ahead

The new wind farm at Dzilam de Bravo on the Yucatan coast. Photo: Getty A US$130 million wind...

CFE blames worker shortage on guestimated electric bills

Most consumer complaints to Profeco about their electric bills are from business owners closed during the contingency. Photo: Sipse

CFE bills spike wildly, even for closed-down offices and simple homes

The Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, admitted that it overbilled customers in Yucatan because they based charges on estimates and not real...

Nursing home ‘drowning’ in electric bills since lockdown

A nursing home in Merida is finding itself “drowning” in electric bills. Photo: Facebook A Cholul nursing home...

CFE agrees to shelve high-consumption rates during coronavirus shutdown

Good news for those of us stuck inside and using the air conditioner a little more than we normally would.