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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Yucatán hotels balk at electricity tariffs that raised rates 77%

Complaining their electric bills have risen by 77 percent since August 2017, the association representing Yucatán's hotel sector has taken their case to the national regulators.

Lights out at new conference center during afternoon deluge

Unfortunately for the new convention center, it's not technically "Powered by Samsung." It's powered by the CFE.

Yucatán’s electric rate increases under federal review

The president of the federal Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has agreed to come to Yucatan to review the state's high electricity rates.

All new neighborhoods will take power lines underground

Underground power lines are nothing new here, but starting this year, they are a must.

On home electric bills, summer discounts ending

The CFE has announced the end of summer savings. 

Grid overloaded, power cut briefly in Centro

As if Monday mornings aren't tough enough, power went out for about a half an hour in the blocks surrounding the main square.

Utility companies coordinate with Centro maintenance program

The water company, the electric company, and the phone and cable company are joining the city's "permanent maintenance program" in the Centro Histórico.

Electric rates drop for many CFE households, businesses

Power for some will cost less in August than it did in July, if only slightly, the CFE reported today.

Lights coming back on after massive power outage

About 1.7 million customers were without power today, and and officials deny that an explosion in Oaxaca is the cause.

Lights out for hundreds of accused electricity thieves

The CFE has suspended service to hundreds of businesses and private homes in recent weeks for alleged energy theft.

CFE rates up 6.8% for high-consumption homes

Households that pay high-consumption rates to the CFE will be unhappy to see their July electric bills.