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Where drivers in Yucatán get the cheapest gas

Service stations in Kanasín, Umán and Espita, Yucatán, are among those that sell regular gasoline, premium and diesel below the national average price, according...

U.S. drivers wanting to fill up in Mexico hit with an...

Over the weekend, Mexico's federal government announced that it would be temporarily suspending its gas price subsidies along its northern border. 

New natural gas pipelines coming to Mérida this month

Some parts of Mérida to get residential natural gas as early as late March says energy company Engie.  Some news outlets had previously reported that...

Big cut in electric rates coming to Yucatan, says CFE chief

Electricity rates will fall 30% in Baja California and Yucatan, said the director of the Federal Electricity Commission, Manuel Bartlett Díaz. The savings for both...

Government seeks bidders to run natural gas lines to Yucatán

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a tender will soon be launched for a long-promised natural gas pipeline in Yucatán. “We are about to tender...

Natural gas lines to reach 15,000 customers in Merida

With an investment of 600 million pesos, construction work will begin on a residential natural gas distribution network, reporters were told at a press conference.

President declares sabotage as crackdown on fuel thefts frustrates public

A major fuel pipeline that supplies Mexico City remains closed after two ruptures in a single day.

First gas stations under Gulf brand open Thursday in Mérida

The international fuel brand Gulf will open its first two service stations in the capital of Yucatán.

Mayakan gas pipeline to reach Yucatán by 2019

The Mayakan natural-gas pipeline project is scheduled to begin flowing in Yucatán by the beginning of next year.

Gas stations caught shorting customers

Profeco's "full liters" program has sanctioned 38 of the 123 gas stations they inspected for selling customers short.

Gas prices, already rising, surge under the Harvey effect

Drivers woke up Tuesday to higher prices at the pump, an increase that was predicted when Hurricane Harvey inhibited Gulf oil production. 

Harvey has 2nd chance to hit Mexico — in the wallet

Hurricane Harvey is battering Texas much worse than it did Mexico, but that doesn't mean the nation to the south won't be bruised.

Gas prices lowest since that big price hike in January

Drivers started out Wednesday with the lowest prices in fuel since prices spiked back in January.

For Pemex rival La Gas, expansion is in motion

La Gas, which started providing Pemex's first taste of competition last year, is expanding rapidly and has ambitious goals.
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