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Where drivers in Yucatán get the cheapest gas

Service stations in Kanasín, Umán and Espita, Yucatán, are among those that sell regular gasoline, premium and diesel below the national average price, according...

Groceries cost more, but French bread won’t rise until 2021

Eggs, soft drinks, tomatoes, apples, canned goods, tortillas, sandwich bread, chicken, turkey, pork and beef have shot up in price between 5 and 10%...

Inflation in Merida surges past the national average

Price hikes for avocados, premium gasoline and air transportation led an inflationary five months for Merida. The price of goods and services up 4.9%...

Crack in bridge could lead to higher prices in Yucatan

Almost all the merchandise trucked into Yucatan from outside the Peninsula over a single bridge in Campeche. There's a crack in that bridge, which will be closed for a year while it's fixed.

Dinner in the park? New regulations could threaten café seating

The leader of the city's restaurant trade group expressed concern that new regulations could affect restaurants that have been expanded into public parks.

Inflation in Mexico at nearly 1-year low

Inflation in Mexico increased 0.20 percent, its lowest increase since the first half of 2016.

Mérida among most affordable large cities in Mexico — study

The capital is among the most affordable large cities in the Americas, according to a recently updated study.

Are Mérida hotel rooms undervalued? One hotelier thinks so

Super-cheap rates are not necessary to stay booked, one hotel owner says, urging the industry to price rooms a little more boldly.

‘Gasolinazo’ protesters peaceful but defiant

About 1,000 demonstrators took to the streets Saturday to protest rising gas prices while demanding government reform.

Uber rates rise, reflecting higher gas prices

Reflecting higher gas prices, Uber Mexico has upped its rates by 7.5 to 18.2 percent depending on the city. Local rate hikes are on the lower side of the spectrum.

Despite signs, Altabrisa parking still free

A sign outside the Altabrisa Plaza parking lot posts a 5-peso charge but the city's mayor says otherwise.

Corn prices spike; are tortillas next?

Corn price hikes could affect the price of tortillas, an essential staple of the local diet, according to the Yucatecan delegation of the National Chamber of Industry and Tortilla Dough.

Lime prices plummet, halting harvest

The price of limes skyrocketed earlier this year, and consumers grumbled. Now prices have plummeted, which is even worse news for growers.
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