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3 Reasons to See Banksy Exhibit Before It’s Gone

The much-admired presentation "Banksy: Without Limits" ends this weekend. The exhibit is a globally unique showcase for the works of the elusive English street...

Monica Rezman: A Busy Artist With an Elephant in the Room

Monica Rezman is ready for her upcoming exhibition at Salon Gallos. Photo: Patricia Robert / Yucatán Magazine Getting into Monica Rezman’s studio takes a minute...

Sedeculta & SoHo Galleries Presents ‘The Pride of African Heritage’

“The Pride of African Heritage” intertwines generations of a diverse group of artists who converge artistically. Yucatán Magazine is a proud sponsor.

A rich collaboration at Calle Ouvert Gallery

Calle Ouvert Gallery/Studio in Barrio San Juan, Mérida, will present “Colaboración,” an exhibition featuring six artists, a new contemporary dance trio, and a short...

Mexico City’s Soumaya Museum Is in a League of its Own,...

Aside from the the variety and quality of the works on display, it is hard to not be impressed by the sheer size of the Soumaya Museum.

Artists Talk: ‘The Shape of Impact’ at the Olimpo

Artists Angel Chen, John Thompson, and Alberto Arceo discuss their respective contributions to the exhibition "The Shape of Impact” and reflect on the form...

African Heritage Art Program is a Study of Unity and Contrast

"The Pride of African Heritage” intertwines generations of artists who, despite their different backgrounds and viewpoints, converge artistically.  Curator Ana Joa and SoHo Gallery owner...

Petopia Art Show Features 15 First Tuesday Artists

The upcoming Petopia Art Show will include the work of about 15 artists from the First Tuesday Artists of Merida group. There will be...

So many to thank for the upcoming Artscool exhibition at Hennessy’s

Artscool At Caimede is organizing an "Artshow" at Hennessey's Irish Pub on Nov. 30. The sale of cool and colorful artwork benefits the government-run...

SoHo Galleries displays art honoring women at new mall venue

In time for the month in which we honor women, SoHo Galleries has a new exhibit in a new location. The Women's Exhibition at...

Wired and Reclaimed: SoHo Galleries artists use left-over materials

When we talk about sustainability, our first thoughts are about the environmental impact and how we might help in our everyday lives. Wired and...

International light festival will shine on Yucatán

Mexico’s international light festival, or FILUX, has set its sights on Yucatán once again.

This incredible exhibit may be Casa de Montejo’s final bow

The “Detrás de una máscara," exhibition is made up of 36 pieces of art representing an imaginative fusion of mesoamerican mythological animals, as well as masks and two large painted canvases.

Free exhibition featuring the work of artist Marc Chagall on display...

Mérida’s Centro Cultural Olimpo will soon announce dates for an upcoming exhibit, featuring more than 70 works by the early modernist artist Marc Chagall.

‘Angels’ spreads its wings to the Yucatán Country Club gallery

SoHo Galleries' “Angels and Other Selected Works” is on view through January in an exclusive collaboration with the Fundación Yucatan Country Club IAP. By purchasing...

New York artist finds an unlikely muse in rural Yucatán

Lohin's artistic subject matter ranges from portraits to landscapes and renderings of her favorite model — a donkey named Camila.

Angels: What makes Adele Aguirre’s new art exhibit at SoHo Galleries...

It’s no accident that SoHo Gallery’s “Angels” exhibit follows a tumultuous couple of years.  “Angels” also follows the gallery owner’s own loss. The death of...

Giant alebrijes to parade through Mérida this weekend

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical mythical creatures. Though originally made only of paper-mâché, wooden variations have also become popular since the 1940s. 

Pacheco: Mérida’s most powerful art collection turns 50

The work of Yucatán's most celebrated muralist, Fernando Castro Pacheco (1918-2013), housed in Mérida's Palacio de Gobierno, turned 50 on Independence Day.

Valladolid’s new MUREM museum honors Mexico’s ethnic clothing

For Tey Mariana Stiteler, the museum’s Director, MUREM is a project born from her love of Mexican culture and design.

New exhibitions honor the life of centenarian artist Emilio Vera Granados

Yucatán’s artistic community is prepared to celebrate the centenary of artist Emilio Vera Granados.

New exhibit celebrates Mexico’s comic book pioneers

The exhibit, which organizers describe as a tribute, coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of pioneering illustrator and lithographer, Juan Bautista Urrutia.

Japanese artists debuts new mural in Izamal

Japanese artist Shinzaburo Takeda unveiled his most recent mural in Izamal at the Cecidhy Research Institute.

‘Toilet Paper Story’: Mérida printmaker responds ironically to the pandemic

Not long after the pandemic reached Mérida did Spanish-born printmaker Manuel Taure offer his friends little gifts, delivered Fridays to their mailbox. No social...
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