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Nighttime Biciruta returns after a long absence, but with new rules

File photo With new health precautions, the nighttime version of Mérida's popular community bike ride returns tonight.

A year after crisis slammed the brakes, Biciruta rides again

Biciruta returned to the Paseo de Montejo on Sunday, with extra precautions against the spread of coronavirus. Photo: Lee Steele /...

After a year, Mérida’s Biciruta is coming back

The Biciruta is set to return for those under the age of 60, after over a year of it being suspended....

Progreso’s Biciruta is in honor of dads everywhere

A Father's Day Biciruta is scheduled in Progreso. Photo: Courtesy Progreso, Yucatan — The port city is hosting...

Cake, music and a light show as Biciruta Nocturna marks 2nd...

The evening ride is a spinoff of the city's popular 12-year-old Sunday-morning Biciruta.

Nighttime community BiciRuta

Biciruta Nocturna is the first Saturday of each month except December. It starts at Calle 47 and heads up the Paseo de Montejo to the Monumento a la Patria.

Celebrating 11 years of La Biciruta in Mérida

La Biciruta, the community bike ride that takes to the streets each Sunday morning, has endured as both a family activity and tourist attraction.

Biciruta celebrates 1st year of community biking after dark

The first anniversary of the "Biciruta Nocturna PM," a spinoff of the popular Sunday-morning community bike ride, was celebrated with some apt prizes for five lucky people.

Link proposed between Biciruta and La Plancha park

The popular Sunday Biciruta should be expanded so that bike riders see the potential of the La Plancha project, a key civc organization says.

Hundreds launch Saturday-night Biciruta

The west side of the Paseo de Montejo was shut down last evening to allow hundreds of bike-riders to pedal toward the Monumento a la Bandera after sundown.

Saturday Night Ride: Biciruta expands

Mérida's famous Sunday-morning community bike ride, which attracts families to the Paseo de Montejo each Sunday morning, has launched a monthly Saturday-night version.

Public Bici-ruta celebrates 9 years

Mérida will celebrate the popular Bici-ruta's ninth year with a number of sports and other attractions for the whole family.

Bici-Ruta Merida extends routes as it turns 8

Celebrating its eighth anniversary, La Bici-ruta in Merida is extending its route as it grows in popularity.