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In a first for Yucatán, Tesla opens new dealership in Mérida

The new Mérida location is the fourth for the automaker in Mexico, which has two dealerships in Mexico City and another in Guadalajara.

The Rally Maya makes its comeback to the Yucatán Peninsula

During this friendly automotive competition, classic car enthusiasts from all over the world take part in an eight-day tour of the peninsula.

Car and motorcycle thefts on the decline in Yucatan

Motor-vehicle thefts are down 29 percent in Yucatan for the first four months of 2019.

At Rally Maya, classic cars compete with the heat

The 'rolling museum' sets off for Merida, the beginning of a 10-day road rally.

Volkswagen to end production of beloved Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle, a German car closely associated with Mexican culture, is facing the end of the assembly line.

Rally Maya revs up classic and antique cars across the Peninsula

Around 110 classic and antique cars will criss-cross the Peninsula in a five-day rally next week.

Road safety is a basic human right, says workshop leader

Walk, don't run, or drive very carefully to this free workshop on road safety.

Combi knocked over in Centro accident, at least 10 injured

Ten people were injured and three were hospitalized when an Urvan combi overturned after being hit by a sedan in the Santa Lucia area of the Centro.

National Combi Day brings together fans of the classic VW Bus

Its the National Day of the Combi, a day for fans of the iconic Volkswagen Bus, also called a Transporter, Kombi, T2 or a Hippie-van, depending on the country.

Reports of car thefts increase across Yucatán

After several years of declines, car thefts have risen across the state.

Chinese automaker opens showroom on Prolongacíon

JAC, a Chinese state-owned auto manufacturer, inaugurated a new showroom on the Prolongación Paseo de Montejo on Wednesday.

Revolution Day celebrated Monday with parade; traffic re-routed

Traffic will yield for Monday's huge parade celebrating the 107th anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution.

City moving used-car fair to extreme-sports property

The city is closing down an extreme-sports park in Bosques del Poniente and replacing it with the weekly used-auto fair.

Police get 2 more agile, clean-energy patrol cars

Municipal police have been handed keys to two more electric patrols cars, built for economy, the ecology and agility.

New gas stations with familiar names to appear in Yucatán

Real competition between gas stations begins on the Peninsula in 2018 when established brands begin to appear here. 

Insurer lists Mérida’s 3 most dangerous intersections

The city has plenty of dicey intersections, but three of them have been named the most dangerous of them all.

Safety advocate dusts off his proposal to create pedestrian streets

Converting a street to a pedestrian mall is an idea worth considering, a safety advocate says.

Buyer beware when buying car insurance, says federal fraud agency

Useless insurance policies are being sold to drivers who are under the gun to buy them, says CONDUSEF, the national fraud-prevention bureau.

Half of all Centro accidents attributed to cellphones

Drivers on cellphones are causing half the car accidents in the Centro, police say.

Long lines deter drivers from updating their license plates

With a deadline just 47 days away, seven out of 10 drivers have yet to most swap out their old license plates.

Say adios to the wildly popular, horribly unsafe Tsuru

The Nissan Tsuru, which north of the border is the Sentra, ends its run here after over two decades.

Car advice for expats in Yucatán, from an English-speaking expert

The owner of a local SpeeDee auto service center franchise in Col. Mexico talks to us about the challenge of owning a car here. And yes, we found a mechanic who speaks fluent English.

Car thefts down, but thieves have favorite targets

Cars aren't stolen as often as they used to be, but when thieves hit, they have definite favorites.

How to ship a U.S. vehicle to Yucatán

Moving your car to Yucatán? Here's what to expect, and some advice.
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