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Mérida LGBTQ+ Pride March: Hotter than ever in 2023

Call it La Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual Mérida, la Marcha del Orgullo, the Mérida Pride March of 2023. Just don’t call it dull. 

Mérida’s Pride 2023 brings marchers back to the Paseo

With the slogan “My identity, my right,” Mérida’s 2023 Pride march returns as the Paseo de Montejo’s biggest celebration since Carnaval paraded down the...

Same-sex marriage becomes law across all of Mexico

With Tamaulipas' legislature coming on board, same-sex marriage is now legal across all of Mexico. The northern border state on Wednesday amended the state’s...

All but 3 Mexican states have now legalized same-sex marriage

The State of Mexico on Tuesday voted 50 to 16 to legalize same-sex marriage It was the 29th of Mexico's 32 states to vote for...

What’s new, Yucatán? 50 surprising things to look for

Food, music, drag queens! If travel restrictions have kept you away, you will be returning to a different Yucatán. Here's what to expect.

Mérida LGBTQ+ Pride marches back with a vengeance

The White City got a rainbow infusion Saturday as an annual tradition took to Mérida's famous boulevard for the first time. Shouting “Mérida is...

Expect a big, colorful crowd for Mérida’s 2022 Pride march

Wigs may droop and sequins may tarnish. But Mérida's first full-force Pride celebration is going full-steam ahead, no matter what the weather forecast threatens....

Yucatán town builds special bathrooms for LGBTQ+ Pride visitors

Maxcanú is building public restrooms to be set aside exclusively for LGBTQ visitors during Pride celebrations. El Universal reports that city officials recently approved the...

Merida’s LGBTQ+ community prepares for ‘greatest Pride event ever’

Mérida's 2022 Pride march is scheduled to kick off Saturday, June 18 at 3 p.m. 

Two of Mexico’s most famous female soccer players tie the knot

Pro-soccer stars Bianca Sierra and Stephany Mayor announced over social media that they have married. 

Activists in Mérida observe International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

LGBT activists gathered Monday at Mérida's Monumento a La Patria to demand respect for the human rights of gay, bisexual and transgender people.  International Day...

Gay wedding in Progreso is a historic first for Yucatán port...

The coastal city of Progreso celebrated yesterday its very first same-sex wedding under Yucatán’s new marriage equality law. 

LGBTQ community protests homophobia at Six Flags Mexico

Earlier this week a gay couple was kicked out of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Mexico City, in an act of alleged homophobia. 

Full marriage equality in Yucatán likely on hold for a couple...

Activists in Yucatán say that marriage between two people of the same sex is still being discriminated against.

New LGBTQ+ community market makes a splash in Mérida’s parks

Members of LGBTQ+ community are carving out spaces in local parks to host their own outdoor markets.

ELLA: Mérida hosts a weeklong international lesbian festival

The grand opening took place at Casa Thó, located in Paseo de Montejo. A special Meet & Greet was held with Diana Deskarados, renowned Youtuber, and Tigre Jimenez, Boxing Champion. 

Finally, Yucatán approves marriage-equality bill

Yucatán's legislature has passed a new bill making same-sex marriage the law of the land. The new law now defines marriage as being between two...

Marriage equality in Yucatán: reform approved unanimously and goes to committee

Marriage equality will be voted on again for the third time in Yucatan’s legislature.

Singer says authorities in Progreso tried to censor her new LGBTQ+...

The song in the video makes reference to “coming out of the closet” and a handful of scenes of the signer herself and two men wearing little clothing, but could hardly be called obscene.

Defiance and a dash of camp for LGBTQ+ march in Mérida

Nearly a thousand people marched in Mérida's street Saturday to promote Yucatán's sexual and gender diversity. Rainy skies didn't dampen the Marcha de la Diversidad...

A Mexican conservative party’s social media was hacked. Now its timelines...

Unusual posts from a party well known for being very socially right-wing and running on “family values” issues.

Sinaloa lawmakers allow same-sex marriage

The Sinaloa Congress unanimously approved reforms to the Family Code to allow marriage between same-sex couples. Several lawmakers abstained from the vote. With only 23...

Yucatán’s LGBTQ+ activists prepare for a new uphill battle

Marriage equality may be the law of the land, but Yucatán’s new highly conservative congress is unlikely to ratify it without a fight.

Lawmaker seeks to end gay conversion therapy in Yucatán

An initiative presented before Yucatán state lawmakers would outlaw conversion therapy that attempts to turn gay people straight. Punishment includes jail time and fines,...
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