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LGBTQ community protests homophobia at Six Flags Mexico

Earlier this week a gay couple was kicked out of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Mexico City, in an act of alleged homophobia. 

Full marriage equality in Yucatán likely on hold for a couple...

Activists in Yucatán say that marriage between two people of the same sex is still being discriminated against.

New LGBTQ+ community market makes a splash in Mérida’s parks

Members of LGBTQ+ community are carving out spaces in local parks to host their own outdoor markets.

ELLA: Mérida hosts a weeklong international lesbian festival

The grand opening took place at Casa Thó, located in Paseo de Montejo. A special Meet & Greet was held with Diana Deskarados, renowned Youtuber, and Tigre Jimenez, Boxing Champion. 

Finally, Yucatán approves marriage-equality bill

Advocates of Yucatán’s marriage equality bill celebrate their victory. Photo: Courtesy Yucatán's legislature has passed a new bill...

Marriage equality in Yucatán: reform approved unanimously and goes to committee

Marriage equality will be voted on again for the third time in Yucatan’s legislature.

Singer says authorities in Progreso tried to censor her new LGBTQ+...

The song in the video makes reference to “coming out of the closet” and a handful of scenes of the signer herself and two men wearing little clothing, but could hardly be called obscene.

Defiance and a dash of camp for LGBTQ+ march in Mérida

The March for Sexual Diversity returned to Mérida in 2021. Photo: Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual Nearly a...

Mérida LGBTQ+ pride march

Here, it's called the Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual Mérida, but basically it's similar to the gay-pride marches seen around the world. Floats, drag...

A Mexican conservative party’s social media was hacked. Now its timelines...

Unusual posts from a party well known for being very socially right-wing and running on “family values” issues.

Sinaloa lawmakers allow same-sex marriage

The Sinaloa Congress unanimously approved reforms to the Family Code to allow marriage between same-sex couples. Several lawmakers abstained...

Yucatán’s LGBTQ+ activists prepare for a new uphill battle

Marriage equality may be the law of the land, but Yucatán’s new highly conservative congress is unlikely to ratify it without a fight.

Lawmaker seeks to end gay conversion therapy in Yucatán

Felipe Cervera Hernández of the PRI party has proposed an end to anti-gay conversion therapy in Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy

Allies join the fight for marriage equality in Yucatán

Members and supporters of Yucatán's LGBTQI community gathered yesterday to observe the international day against homophobia.

Anti-gay political party launches new ‘family values’ campaign in Mexico

Partido Encuentro Solidario supporters hold a sign that reads “for our children, marriage and the family.” Photo: Courtesy

Cancun resort again accused of refusing to host same-sex wedding

Hollywood couple Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan find friendlier territory on Riviera Maya

Transgender candidate pulls out of race for mayor in Progreso

Jared Nahum Arjona Rosas, former PRD candidate for Mayor of Progreso. Photo: Courtesy A transgender candidate for mayor...

Sex workers: Mérida curfew is dangerous and unfair

Mérida streets that a little over a year ago would have been abuzz with traffic are empty well before 11:30 p.m.....

Activists: Yucatán continues to lag behind on transgender rights

Flags representing the community wave at the International Transgender Day of Visibility rally in Mexico City. Photo: Courtesy

LGBTQ activists: no room for hate in Quintana Roo

The police officers who detained a gay couple and their tour guide are now under fire for homophobia. Foto: File

Tulum police to gay couple: You can’t kiss here

Police tried to remove two gay men from a popular Tulum beach, but were dissuaded by angry spectators. Photo: File.ang

It is not right that the Church to tell politicians how...

Yucatan 's Archbishop Gustavo Rodríguez Vega. Foto: File LGBTQ activists presented a complaint to state officials over comments...

Yucatán’s marriage-equality fight makes way to the Supreme Court

Pro marriage-equality demonstrators make their voices heard in Yucatáns Congress. Photo: File Mexico's Supreme Court will decide the...

Transgender woman demands justice after 6 years of inaction

Grecia Sosa (center) at a press conference held in the offices of Yucatán’s human rights commision. Photo: File